m-Business& Commerce/Banking Click here for details


    • ZipDial mobile marketing and Analytics Platform [India]
    • SEWA-SBi Financial inclusion Programme [India]
    • Adivasi tea leaf marketing (Atlm) paperlessworkflow [India]


  • Paytm – [India]
m-Culture& Heritage Click here for details


  • My IndiEye GPS Video tour [India]
m-Education& Learning Click here for details


  • CAtapp [India]
  • Career Counseling [India]
  • ChalaSkul Ku Jiba (let us go to school) [India]
  • Sounds of Silence – Unleash the power ofWords [India]
  • Result via SmS [Nepal]
m-Entertainment Click here for details


  • comix on-the-go [India]
  • nexGtv [India]
  • ZengatV [India]


  • Peer Water Exchange – SmS Reporting [India]
  • Wild india [India]
  • looRewards [India]


  • Silent observer [India]
  • JGJ-(JagoGrahakJago) [India]
  • Mobile Seva [India]
  • VoiceRti [India]


  • Healthkart Plus [India]
  • Nokia life and Arogya World: mobile Diabetesawareness program [India]
  • mobile based Surveillance Quest using it(moSQuit) [India]
  • [India]


  • Jharkhand mobile Vaani [India]
  • SaralRozgar [India]
  • Peacock Browser for Android Devices – [India]
  • LaborVoices [India]
m-Infrastructure Click here for details


  • AppWrapper [India]
  • India Against Spam [India]
  • GrameenphoneHysawa [Bangladesh]
  • IVR Junction [India]
m-News& Journalism Click here for details


  • Alive [India]
  • SamudaayVaani [India]
  • NewsHunt [India]
  • Bangi News [London]
m-Travel& Tourism Click here for details


  • [India]
  • olaCabs [India]
  • SmartShehar [India]
m-Woman& Children Click here for details


  • my Baby Diary [India]
  • mobile Academy and mobile Kunji [India]
  • Aponjon – MAMA [Bangladesh]
  • Helpls [India]
  • Fight Back [India]
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