It is to honour excellence in mobile communications across South Asia spread over 11 core categories:

m-healthThis category welcomes products/projects which use mobile solutions aimed at resolving individual and public health issues and thereby bring about development of a mobile-based health care system. Nominations may include applications that enable delivery of mobile-based healthcare and/or health awareness services and innovative applications to meet the healthcare needs of citizens and patients and support healthcare professionals and healthcare providers.

m-Travel & Tourism
m-traveltourismThis category recognises the use of mobile applications that aggregate information on travel and tourism and thus help creating an information-rich society. Nominations may include applications that enable easy access to related information and services such as real time travel booking, location and transport information as also those that enhance intermodal use of public transport, support orientation in cities and the countryside, allow the hospitality industry to better serve customers, and provide navigation-based content.

m-governanceThis category honours applications/services which empower citizens and better serve public service clients; foster quality and efficiency in information exchange and communication services in governmental and public administrative processes; strengthen participation of citizens in decision making by promoting an information-rich society. Nominations may include applications that help to strengthen formulation of public policies and increase transparency and public participation in the processes of governance and administration.

m-enterainmentThis category recognises the use of mobile applications that enable delivery of entertainment products and services; offer users an opportunity to enjoy the linguistic and cultural diversity available around the world; support and promote the transition from one-way to two-way communication and interactive entertainment, from single to multiple players and synergy between analog and digital platforms.

m-Business & Commerce/Banking
m-buissnessThis category seeks to identify and compliment mobile applications that support optimisation of business processes; creates new m-commerce business models in business to business and business to consumers areas; promotes internet security and other related topics; supports small and medium enterprises in such areas as sales and marketing, operations, HR management and financial management. Nominations may also include those applications that seek to enhance socio-economic inclusion and financial security.

m-inclusionThis section tries to discover and acclaim mobile applications that help to bridge the digital divide and content gap between technologically empowered and technologically excluded communities such as those living in rural and remote areas or underserved urban areas through multimedia and rich content and thereby strengthen the social, economic and political participation of such information-dark individuals and groups in the information society.

m-Education & Learning
m-eductionThis category recognises the use of mobile applications that empower the education sector and serving the needs of learners to acquire knowledge and skills. The aim is to identify and honour applications that try to transform schools, universities and other educational institutions through interactive, personalised and distributed learning resources; address the learning needs of all and create active e-learning communities. Nominations may also include solutions for corporate training as well as lifelong learning and making science accessible to citizens.

m-Agriculture and Ecology
m-agricultureUnder this rubric, nominations are invited for mobile applications that help farmers to improve agricultural productivity or secure better crop prices or better returns on investment through access to information on new technologies and package of practices, basic financial services, new markets and market prices. Moreover, mobile phones can play a huge role in responsible dissemination of information about environmental matters.

m-Culture & Heritage
m-cultureMobile applications that seek to promote and conserve culture and heritage in such fields as literature, music, visual or performing arts, design, architecture, crafts etc. will be considered for recognition under this heading. Applications preserving and presenting cultural heritage in line with the challenges of the future or demonstrating valuable cultural assets clearly and informatively using state-of-the-art technology and new media platforms are also included in this category.

m-News & Journalism
m-newsProjects which use mobile applications in a creative way to spread the right message to the right people and ensure accessibility through the use of technology, offering content in local languages and in all forms of electronic and digital medium are considered under this heading. m-News and citizen journalism strongly encourages expression of alternative voices and use of alternative mediums. It also expands traditional media into new media and leverages technology as a medium to reach larger masses, offering content in local languages and in all forms of electronic and digital mediums.

m-Women & Children
m-womanThis category recognises projects and innovations that exclusively target women and their needs and causes and provide them with solutions that solve issues pertinent to them. The category particularly identifies how digital tools could empower women. Digital media and devices like telecom and mobile have become tools of empowerment for women and thus in many ways also overcome insecurities around children. This category will look into various initiatives which directly target the lives, works, needs and socio-economic well-being of women and children. This category is also meant to encourage promotion of handheld devices such as mobile phones that have empowering applications and content directly benefiting women and children.

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