Awarded to mobile practices that bridge the digital divide, empower people, and advance socio economic equality, the award recognizes and rewards best practices in mobile world.

The M-BILLIONTH AWARDS recognises and felicitates innovations and excellence in mobile tech solutions, innovations and initiatives in addressing key social, economic  and sustainable development and transformation changes in the South Asia Region (SAR).

The mobile phone has become the most potent digital weapon for global empowerment as a result of the tremendous increase in the adoption of mobile technology across practically all socioeconomic strata. This is particularly prevalent in South Asia, the Asia-Pacific region, and other developing nations.

Recognising this phenomenon, in 2010 the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) spun off from its highly successful Manthan Awards a separate award – the mBillionth Awards – only for recognising excellence in mobile innovations for development.

The industry‐driven and peer‐acknowledged mBillionth Awards acknowledge South Asia as a key hub of the world’s mobile and telecom market in terms of penetration and innovation. 

However, there is a sizable digital gap in the area. These Awards acknowledge the fact that, at the currently, mobile phones have a greater regional reach than any other kind of media, including television, radio, the internet, newspapers, magazines, and landlines. Mobile platforms are increasingly the obvious choice for breaking down the information divide and making vital and cutting-edge digital services accessible to the largest possible swath of the public.


To make the mBillionth Awards South Asia the most influential and leading platform to explore, recognise and honour excellence in mobile innovations, applications and content services for development and empowerment across South Asia.


  1. To recognise innovations and creativity in mobile and telecom solutions
  2. To provide a platform for benchmarking people-oriented innovations in the telecom industry
  3. To provide a wider forum for strategic networking, alliances and partnership building
  4. To provide a South Asia Congress to exchange ideas, policy strengths & mobile advocacy
  5. To facilitate in building a South Asia network for campaign and advocacy in mobile for mass empowerment and inclusive growth.


To recognise and honour excellence in mobile communications across South Asia