The mBillionth Award South Asia 2014 Grand Jury was successfully held on 16th & 17th May, 2014 at Dhulikhel Lodge Resort, Kathmandu, Nepal. The Jury marked the final stage of selection of best mobile applications for the 5th edition of the mBillionth Award South Asia. A panel of 15 member looked into the 126 per-filtered nominations in 11 different categories.


The discussions on the virtual jury selected nominations and the voting on each of the category began on the first day and went on till midnight. Day 2 discussed all the short listed nominations in all categories and a final result emerged through a voting system. In all, the Grand Jury selected Winners, Special Mention, Jurors’ recommendation and Runner-Ups of the mBillionth Award South Asia 2014. The intense discussions on each and every nomination and the voting activity brought out the strengths of collective wisdom of the jurors while debating each and every aspect of every nomination.


The jury came out with qualified reasons of choosing nominations as winner in each category. The Grand Jury concluding marked the moments of felicitation of the Jury members with Jury Citation & token gifts as a token of appreciation to all Jury members for their invaluable volunteering efforts in adding value to the Award process.


Meet The Jurors

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