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Project Title : ZipDial Mobile Marketing and Analytics Platform
Organisation : ZipDial Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Country : INDIA
Website : www.zipdial.comSimple interfaces like a missed call to ZipDial numbers, ensures interactions from 100 percent of the customers -smart or feature phone users, kids or adults, urban or rural dwellers. End users see the zipdial number in advertisements of brands, they dial (missed call) and receive SmS, iVR or other such engagements over mobile.

ZipDial is also used for cash on delivery confirmations via missed calls or mobile number verification via missed calls during sign-ups on websites.

ZipDial is an innovation to address two problem areas: First, advertisers don’t get granular data on consumer preferences owing to low internet, smart phone and payment data penetration. Secondly, end user don’t get anything personlized; messages are more generic around Cricket, Bollywood and Spam. Similar scenario is in markets like Africa, Sri lanka (where it recently launched in April 2013) and South East Asia.

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Project Title : SEWA-SBI Financial Inclusion Programme
Organisation : SEWA Bharat Country India
Country : INDIA
Website : http://www.sewabharat.org/

The SEWA-SBI Financial Inclusion Programme generates livelihood, imparts financial literacy and ensures a better future for its customers in remote, hilly areas. By providing a transparent, graft-free and swift route of delivery of key social security schemes, this programme makes women financially independent and self-reliant.

In order to link women with financial services and to secure their future, SEWA in collaboration with the State Bank of india began a project of Financial inclusion in 2009. Under the ambit of this project, women are appointed as Customer Service Point (CSP) with the clear objective of acting as a medium of providing banking services. A GPRS enabled phone and a portable Point of Service (PoS) are required with which the customers’ identities are recorded and subsequently uploaded to SBi’s mumbai server. For the purpose of opening a zero balance account, a Customer Service Point (CSP) comes to the doorstep of the customer with a bank form with a unique code for subsequent customer identification, a mobile phone and a Point of Service (PoS) machine. Using the camera of the mobile phone, the customer’s photograph is taken and saved thereafter the voice of the customer is recorded.
The PoS machine, powered by A little Word, records the fingerprint of the customer. the mobile phone has an application installed which facilitates the banking services of the program. Customer’s ration card number or any other relevant iD card number is to be entered on the application to complete the necessary requirements. once the prerequisites are fulfilled, the recorded data is uploaded to the State Bank of india’s mumbai server. For any transactions,voice-match and fingerprint-match is imperative.

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Project Title : Adivasi Tea Leaf Marketing (ATLM) paperless workflow
Organisation : ACCORD
Country : INDIA
Website : www.adivasi.net

In the Nilgiris district of tamil Nadu, Adivasi tea leaf growers are served by Atlm, a tribal organisation that buys their fresh leaf and sells to processing companies. Atlm, which used to work with paper receipt books and registers, has successfully implemented a mobile app for processing the orders and ingesting them into the database in a paperless workflow. the real achievement here is that the entire solution was designed, tested and rolled out by an all-adivasi team using the open Data Kit.

It was found that modern android devices are quite capable machines,and the ecosystem thriving with a massive range of apps and capabilities. the main purpose of this project was to demonstrate that with a little support and capacity building, communities can harness their own imagination and will to effect positive change. the AmS and ACCoRD strive to empower the Adivasis of the Nilgiris, rather than provide them with ready-made solutions.

By putting the reins in the hands of the Adivasis right from the beginning, this project was born sustainable. With just the right nurturing and support, this project has grown quickly and rapidly with little heavy-handed intervention on our part. By delegating even duties such as training to the Adivasis, the programme achieved a level of adoption that usually requires far more extensive hand-holding.

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Project Title : Paytm (Special Mention)
Organisation : One97 Communicatons Ltd.
Country : INDIA
Website : www.paytm.com

Paytm is a utility website and cross-platform mobile app that provides recharge and bill payment services for mobile, data card and DTH along with a bus-ticket- booking service. PayTM has made life easy for its customers through ease of Payment Wallet and media including web, WAP, Phone call, SMS, and multi platform Apps). There is also an ease of refunds on transaction failure.

Paytm offers a simple, fast and enjoyable experience for prepaid recharges, postpaid bill payments and bus tickets. it is the fastest way to do recharge, in under 10 seconds, via Paytm Cash; a virtual wallet. in addition to the recharge experience, Paytm provides the best in class customer care service to keep customers satisfied. over the years this project reached over 6 million indians.

over 2 million of users come from mobile apps and 1 million coming from Android alone. the USP is Paytm Cash which is a digital wallet that allows users to make payments without using their credit/debit card. there are other performance features on Paytm that enables users with 1) order history of all transactions 2) Complete price break up 3) Recording mobile number for easy usage 4) Saving the last 3 recharges to save time when he is in a real hurry 5) in case an operator is down or giving high failure rates, Paytm either tell the user not to continue or can warn him & he can proceed on his own risk 6) operator wise recharge and data plans information 7) Real time tracking of buses 8) Highly secure and completely safe 9) Exclusive deals and coupons.

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