mbillionth Award 2015
Project Title : Peer Water Exchange – SMS Reporting
Organisation : Peer Water Exchange
Country : INDIA
Website : http://peerwater.org

Peer Water Exchange is primarily a web based mapping and aggregation tool for water related projects. The PWX is designed to tackle the challenge of managing toilet delivery and operations to 600 million Indians and for verifying operations and impact. At present, PWX is prevalent in six states of India.

Peer Water Exchange’s (PWX) SmS Reporting is designed for monitoring and reporting on the implementation and post-implementation of water solutions by the people affected. Field personnel living and working in remote areas can send in SmS notes which are attached to the project reports transparently on the website.this simple mobile solution can bring critical data to the global community so everyone can learn how projects succeed or overcome challenges.

Field reports help managers and funders monitor, track and address issues applicable. these notes allow organizations to learn and share critical lessons since they replace bi-lateral communications with broadly visible storage and distribution channels. the natural extension of the SmS reporting process is to eventually equip beneficiaries to report on projects themselves.

The technology behind PWX SmS Reporting: Standard SmS technology at client side. SmS gateway: txtWeb (by intuit) and Android gateway. Server: PWX is written in Ruby-on-Rails and uses numerous plugins such as Google maps. Pricing is free for non-profit members serving their communities. if the projects generate revenue or the operator is not non-profit we charge a monthly fee per project. PWX projects provide safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. PWX manages projects globally and at present is working in six states of india.

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Project Title : Wild India
Organisation : Mango Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Country : INDIA
Website : www.mangoappstore.com

Wild India is a mobile app that has details of 47 national parks of India. The app covers places including Corbett National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Kaziranga National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Kanha National Park, Nameri Tiger Reserve and Keoladeo Ghana National Park.

This mobile application is for Wild life lovers who love to travel and tour different places. this application covers most wild life sanctuaries in india. App divides the wild life in five zones i.e east, west, north, south and central. Each national park comes with detailed background information, best time to visit, transport, accommodation, and map and nearby places to make your trip really memorable. Wild india app has details you need to explore 47 national parks at your mobile device. Application shall be tested on lumia Phone. this application has graphics capturing the right travelling and exploring the feel of nature. Application shows live gallery showing image and vides from each national park in india with pictures of landscapes, birds and animals.

Application also has live news feed from national parks and wild life in india to help users have an extra touch on parks. mango technologies solutions are available on a wide variety of connected devices- GSm/GPRS, CDmA, 3G devices, netbooks, personal media player and linux based device segment.

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Project Title : LooRewards (Special Mention)
Organisation : Samagra Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.
Country : INDIA
Website : http://appcircus.com/apps/loorewards

LooRewards uses an SMS-based incentive program to give redeemable reward points to the urban poor for adopting healthy and hygienic practices like using a toilet, buying clean water, etc. Families receive reward points and updates directly on their phones, making the benefits of using the services, immediate.

User membership and Usage is managed using the looRewards app that is installed on toilet operator’s tablet. toilet users become members of looRewards platform at their nearest community toilet. Currently looRewards is pre-installed in Android devices that are provided to toilet operators in our Pilot test Sites. looRewards partners with service providers for providing/cleaning toilets, Clean Water etc in a community. the company is also developing methodologies for capturing this data through sensors. Families redeem their looRewards points for goods that they value, such as clean water, cell phone minutes etc. it also provides various incentives to urban poor for adopting hygienic practices.

LooRewards solves technological challenges: Data Collection at individual or family level: this includes socio-demographic data, toilet usage data, hygiene data, health data. Data Analytics: looRewards delivers specific, personalized insights and content to each customer, converting otherwise inscrutable data into actionable insights. Data Visualization: the visualizations enable users to get insight into consequences of their actions.

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