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Project Name: ftcash
Organisation: ftcash
Website: www.ftcash.com
Email: vaibhav@ftcash.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ftcashapp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ftcashapp
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Mobile based financial inclusion of small merchants and retailers

Launched in June 2015, ftcash is a fast growing financial technology venture which aims to empower small merchants, businesses, retail chains and home based entrepreneurs with the power of mobile payments and loans. ftcash has acquired more than 1000+ merchants across Mumbai such as kirana stores, milkman, newspaper agents, travel agents, coaching institutes etc. to receive online payments securely conveniently and cost-effectively through a smartphone or a feature phone.

Funded by IvyCap Ventures and backed by PayPal, ftcash enables electronic payment acceptance and providing choice to the customers as they can use credit cards, debit cards, net banking, mobile wallets like mobikwik, paytm, olamoney, etc. to pay their neighborhood merchants. Ftcash is built upon existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts of the merchants to create a realtime payment solution. Ftcash empowers SMEs, offline micromerchants, remote businesses currently underserved by traditional payment mechanisms.

Ftcash envisions itself to be the fastest payment solution by removing entry barriers like upfront costs (of Point of Sale/Swipe Machines), monthly rentals, technical knowhow, providing market for small businesses to sell & collect payments, manage & grow rapidly. Additionally, ftcash also creates transactional data which can be leveraged to provide institutional finance to these merchants.

Pay as you go system, ftcash provides a solution to businesses looking to replace cash on delivery with pay on delivery. The payments can be done directly by the customers through a web-based hyperlink or can download the app. The web solution is best suited for one-time users but an app lets users make payments in 3 clicks. The customers can select the merchant from the list, type the amount and coupon code (if any) and chose the type of preferred payment mode. The app stores the details of the preferred payment mode for seamless recurring payments.

Through the app, a merchant can sign up and start accepting payments in less than 5 minutes, merchants can upsell a customer through the EMI facility, purchase merchant cash advance loans which can be provided based on transaction volume.


Project Name: UltraCash
Organisation: UltraCash Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Website: www.ultracash.in
Email: manas@ultracash.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/getultracash
Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/getultracash
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Payment app lets users to BEAM money through a smartphone

Ultracash is first of its kind payment app which allows users to BEAM money from their account to the merchants account via smart phone.

Ultracash enables users to ‘Tap and Pay’ from their mobile phones at restaurants, retail stores, cabs. It works as per RBI guidelines, PCIDSS compliance and Bank validations, ensuring completely safe and secure transactions.

Ultracash utilises a patent-pending technology, where payment data is securely transferred from one device to the other using unique ultra-high frequency sound waves. This technology uses the phone’s speaker and microphone, it works on all phones there is no need of any special hardware. In other words the technology makes NFC (near field communication) based payment possible from smart phones irrespective of the model and make, mobile network and internet access.

While using this application, users can pay directly from their mobile phones using net banking, credit card, debit card to various utility merchants, restaurants, grocery stores, eateries, cabs, home delivery of goods etc. Users may not transfer money separately to wallets.

Ultracash, launched in 2015, with more than 1000 merchants has partnered with YES Bank and HDFC, enabling IMPS/ UPI instant proximity transactions. 90,000 people who have downloaded the app that is available of apple story and google play store have made more than 1.2 lakh transactions amounting to Rs.10 crore

The app is cool, quick and secure. Users can earn reward points by download the app, on every transation and by adding their bank details. For successfully verifying the personal identity through one time password, each user earns ultracashcredit. The mobile app is secure, it requires a six digit pin on each login.


Project Name: AppBajar
Organisation: Advanced Apps Bangladesh
Website: www.aapbd.com
Email: avaorjava@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/appbajar
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AAPBD
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A mobile app that recommends and helps users download multi-purpose, multi-lingual android applications

Bangladesh’s AppBajar is a multilingual customer to customer marketplace of Android mobile applications. The app focuses on Bengali apps but supports apps in English, Hindi, Chinese and Japanese.

Technology software companies and independent developers can upload and sell their apps. The platform doesn’t charge any fee thus developers can list their products on the platform free of cost. User can buy apps with points available in their account by linking their AppBajar wallets to local/international payment systems like bKash, Vida, master card, paypal etc. Users can invite friends to use the platform and earn referral points, apps can be bought and gifted to friends and family. AppBajar is striving to make buying and selling of apps simple and safe. Customers and developers (prospective buyers and sellers) can interact and communicate with each other through social chat options. In addition to understanding the working of a mobile app, customers also demand customised app ideas for their businesses which developers fulfill within a time-frame and cost.

As of now, AppBajar is focusing on Health and Education mobile applications to promote the use of technology. The team behind AppBajar believes that a mobile phone can deliver solutions to the people who need it as grassroots and can transform the lives of thousands of people in Rural Bangladesh.

AppBajar, a localized mareketplace similar to globally accredited Google Play Store offers its developers copyright protection and promotes the concept of paid applications to enhance the IT industry in Bangladesh. Developers get the payments in their registered bank account monthly. Prices of apps start from 1 BDT. The platform also promotes paid listings and advertisements on its platform.

AppBajar app has 5000 downloads and 25000 social media followers. To promote app developing culture in Bangladesh, AppBajar is going to conduct a training of 50,000 app developers.