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Enabling Thiruvananthapuram citizens in panic situation to alert police 

Launched in March, 2015 iSafe is a mobile phone application for citizens of Thiruvananthapuram that enables an individual to alert the local police when one is in danger. The panic button of iSafe is incorporated into the Thiruvananthapuram City Police website and the TCP mobile app. With a long press (7 seconds) of the volume key or pressing the panic button of the app, an alert is sent to the Police Control Room along with the location, subscriber ID and IMEI number of the mobile. This immediately alerts and calls for an action by the police department to send this information to the nearest police vehicle for rescue. The mobile application is now available only on android platform.

In 2014, UST Global had developed an application called TCP for the Thiruvananthapuram City Police to provide awareness to the public on basic traffic rules and violations. In addition to that, this year UST Global developed iSafe which was incorporated into the TCP Application for the protection of lone travellers, especially women travellers.

The iSafe Application is available in the Google Play Store and in the Thiruvananthapuram City Police website.

Following are the benefits of iSafe:

  • Quick access to the Police in a panic situation
  • Though the alert message reaches the Thiruvananthapuram Police Control Room, the police can route the information to the nearest police vehicle from where the message was received
  • In case of transit the app sends messages with the updated location to the Control Room
  • The volume key is enabled for easy access of the app instead of wasting time in unlocking and accessing the panic button from the application in a panic situation

The app also provides a 7 seconds gap for the sender to cancel the alert in case it was triggered accidently.

COUNTRY :Bangladesh
CONTACT: ivy.h.russell@gmail.com
LANGUAGE: : English, Bangla
WEBSITE: www.maya.com.bd
DOWNLOAD THE APP: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maya.mayaapaapp&hl=en

Mobile app helps Bangladesh women get advice on health issues

Profile: Launched in February, 2015 The Maya Apa mobile app has been developed by the team behind Maya.com.bd, the first comprehensive website in Bangladesh dedicated to women’s health and well-being.

Whether its exchanging knowledge between peers or receiving expert advice from specialists, Maya Apa aims to “connect women with the information they are looking for, when they are looking for it”. Maya’s high quality medical and social content along with online health and legal advice service, Maya Apa, has fast become a viable and reliable source of information and a highly trusted platform for many.

Through a partnership with BRAC, Maya can drive greater outreach to women at the grassroots, giving them an opportunity to access a wide range of information and peer-to- peer support, to make informed decisions for their own lives and families.

Maya’s core product is the Maya Apa service where a user can ask a question and the website or mobile app connects the user to a specialist who can respond quickly. The user can also ask questions anonymously, without fear of judgement.

Users can choose their language of preference from Bangla or English, and a team of doctors, lawyers and psychosocial counsellors will respond to a query within 48 hours. Maya has built an incredibly simple experience for the user that is available as a standalone android app, on the web and even on WAP. When users ask a question and they get a notification that they have got a response. They can then keep the conversation going. The community can also provide their inputs. Users also have access to a stream where they can browse all questions asked and gather necessary information.

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