gisORIGINAL TITLE : GIS@School, School Education Department GoMP
ORGANIZATION : National Informatics Center, Madhya Pradesh

App helping MP enforce RTE compliance of all schools

In June, 2013, NIC launched a mobile app to capture geo-tagged and time-stamped data and images of all 1.25 lakh government schools in Madhya Pradesh. The objective was to create a GIS-cum-MIS decision-making and planning tool to enable the Madhya Pradesh government to ensure that all schools in the state were RTE compliant.

RTE compliance requires state governments to ensure availability of a primary school within 1 Km radius, middle school within 3 Km Radius and a high school within 5 km radius of each of the over 1 Lakh habitations in the state. Moreover, it requires that all schools have a school building, one classroom for every 40 children, separate toilets for boys and girls, head master room, ramp for barrier free access, kitchen-shed for mid-day-meal, boundary wall, playground etc.

The mobile application allows capturing of geo-tagged and time-stamped photographs and information on all the various mandatory facilities/infrastructure in each school. The app functions in offline mode and synchronises with the online system when connectivity is available. The system has collected information on all the 1.25 lakh schools and has captured 13 lakh images by using crowd sourcing for data collection.

This database has now enabled the state government to:

  • Ensure RTE compliance regarding school location
  • Augmentation of infrastructural facilities in different schools based on actual demand and enrolment
  • Facilitate interdepartmental collaboration, coordination, and updating of key information in real-time.
  • Create a system for effective, timely, and reliable monitoring and implementation of various programmes (particularly SSA)
  • Monitor progress of work in all operations
  • Launch proactive remedial action with regard to defaulters.

Now citizens too can get full information on each and every school and this has reduced the need for them to make RTI applications to get such information.

mepayORIGINAL TITLE : Data Digitization – eDistrict – Mission Mode Project – NEGP
ORGANIZATION : Demi Solutions
LANGUAGE : English, Nepali

Sikkim citizens benefit from app to digitise government records

Profile: Launched in April, 2014, e-District is a mission mode project under the NeGP that is aimed at digitising all Sikkim government data to enable citizens to have easy, anywhere and anytime access to all kinds of government records and documents.

Instead of using traditional flatbed scanners, this innovative system scans documents utilising a custom built application on an Android Tablet with a very high resolution camera. After the scans are completed the tablets’ data is sent and synchronised with the backend server over the 3G network. The data entry process is extremely optimised on the company’s propriety platform. The data entry operators view the high resolution image hosted on the developer’s highly available, robust, reliable and extremely scalable cloud infrastructure.  This makes it fast, reliable and efficient.

That data goes through a QA process before being verified and pushed to the production server. The company has filed a patent for the innovation “System and method for data digitization” Patent No: 4167/CHE/2014.

The technology involved converts data, cleanses it and accurately takes off-line data usually hand written on paper and converts it into a digital format that is searchable.

All the 6 lakh citizens of Sikkim benefit from this solution. Not only does it enable citizens to access government records and documents easily, anytime, anywhere using their mobile phones, it also enables delivery of all public services at district/ sub district level in electronic format and thereby reduces the number of visits of citizens to a government office/department for availing the services and thereby eliminating harassment.

It also reduces administrative burden and service fulfilment time and costs for the government, citizens and businesses. The data digitisation is also facilitating backend computerisation of district and lower level offices to ensure electronic delivery of high volume citizen centric services at the district level.

karnatkamobileORIGINAL TITLE : Karnataka Mobile One
ORGANIZATION : Centre for e-Governance
LANGUAGE : Kannada, English

Karnataka mobile app delivers 4000 government, private sector services to citizens

Launched in December, 2014 Karnataka Mobile One is an pp that has been certified as India’s first and the world’s largest multi-mode mobile governance platform with over 4,000 services. It is a unified mobile platform for delivery of citizens’ services, both from the government and the private sector through an open platform, which can accept any service and is thus future-proof. These anytime, anywhere, anyhow services will be available 24x7x365 days at any location in Karnataka on any mobile device. The services include G2C, B2C and G2B and can be availed by Karnataka-based citizens.

The app seeks to utilise the reach of mobile connectivity and the power of the mobile device to develop/on-board applications and deliver services to foster inclusive development in Karnataka.

The following salient design features make MobileOne unique:

  • Unified User Interface
  • Service Delivery based User Profiling
  • Intra operability between channels
  • Device and operating system agnostic


The Mobile One platform is integrated across all the telecom operators across India and works on the concept of delivering all its services through the concept of One URL, One Short Code and One App. As such, citizens can avail all the services under one access point, thus eliminating the need to visit multiple websites and short/long codes. The platform also fosters innovation by enabling Individuals or groups of individuals to provide citizen centric services, without having to invest on developing and deploying a mobile service delivery platform themselves. This ensures a quick turnaround time for the services providers and makes more services available to the citizens.

Mobile One can be downloaded free from Google or Apple app stores.

Till May, 2015 there have been more than 1.5 lakh downloads, 89,14,157 total Mobile One hits and payments of over Rs 3 crore.

pdsORIGINAL TITLE : e/m-Attendance
ORGANIZATION : Divisional Commissioner’s Office Indore
LANGUAGE : English

Monitoring timely attendance of MP government school teachers

Launched in September, 2014, e/m-Attendance is an android app to mark the attendance with time and GEO stamping for all government school teachers of the Indore division of Madhya Pradesh. The government has provided an interest free loan of Rs 5000 to each of its school teachers to buy an android smart phone. The app is available free of cost on Google Play store for the employees to download and register themselves. There is no limitation to the number of employees using this application.

The project has been implemented in all 8 districts of Indore Division – Indore, Alirajpur, Khandwa, Khargone, Dhar, Barwani, Bhuranpur, and Jhabua. The state government has now adopted it for state wide replication from this academic session.

The app enables all teachers of government schools to mark his/her presence twice; once on arrival and second on his departure. Since each school is geo fenced, the app helps in monitoring timely arrival and departure of more than 55,000 teachers in 18000 schools spread over the 8 districts of Indore division.

This app ensures timely presence of teachers in all government schools without any additional resources, which otherwise is humanly impossible. The attendance data generated helps prepare salary bills and brings in transparency to the whole system as information of each and every teacher is available in the dashboard of all officials. This information is also shared with citizens to generate pressure on school teachers.

It also allows teachers to apply for sanction of all kinds of leave and get confirmation. It also ensures that senior bureaucracy is bound to take care of the issues of gratuity, provident fund etc that otherwise require several visits to education officers for clearing of their claims. The pay slip that is most often not given to teachers is now readily available in their hands.

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