Winners 2014 : m-Health

ProjectTitle:Managing Public Health Using mobile Phones
Managing-Public-Health-Supply-ChainsOrganisation : Logistimo
Country : INDIA
Website :
Contact person: Arun Ramanujapuram

Waste Management and Energy. Logistimo also helps in getting a real time visibility of all inventories and orders. The app is compatible with all android devices and has the facility where any agent within the supply chain can be alerted to alerts or exceptions via email or SMS. The app makes inventory as well as order management very easy and also reduces its cost. Logistimo is fully functional in 6 Indian states and 2 African countries. Although the app is just catching up with a minimum of 100-500 installations, it has an average user rating of 5.0.

The basic language of the application is English and it is free for download.Based on cloud technology coupled with support from mobile phones Logistimo enables a supply chain management. The app aims at ensuring optimal availability and quality of essential goods like vaccines, drugs, agriculture inputs, energy products at the last mile. The app works across sectors including Health, Agriculture,

Project Title : Rural Health Management Information System using mobile/tablets
Organisation:Media Lab Asia
Country : INDIA
Contact person: Satya Vir Singh
Email :

The Rural Health Management System envisages empowering of field level health workers with mobile/handheld based data collection. It improves their health care delivery activities and enhances the accuracy of data, minimizes redundant entry and provides reliable storage for health data from the field through the health care reporting structure. The app avoids the cumbersome paper work as per present practice.

It facilitates the capture and analysis of public health data from the field for monitoring mother and child health, ante natal care, family planning and communicable diseases. A centralized server is used for storing the collected data in a central database and its analysis using statistical methods. This serves as input to health planning and decision making at higher levels of the DHS. This application has two parts on part is on mobile/tablet and another is web base which can be accessed through a browser. For Mobile based application one needs a window mobile where the application can be installed and worked further with. The application is available for all its users in English.

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