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  • “In the context of very high growth of mobile subscribers in the rural areas of South Asia, the exercise of the m-Billionth Award, providing recognition and encouragement to the mobile application developers’ community, assumes great significance, especially from the angle of developmental initiatives in the rural hinterland on a mobile platform. The Jury experience is very convincing, owing to the robust and participative procedures which DEF have mastered from their similar exercise, being undertaken for quite some time for the “Manthan” Award for best digital content. Personally I look forward for those days when these award wining applications get converted into successful value-added commercial applications and services.”

Mr Ashis Sanyal
Former Sr. Director, Ministry of Comm & IT, Gov of India


  • “The jury was an abundance of talent and expertise in the area of Mobile telephony. The arguments that f lew across the room were at once insightful, biting and overwhelming. Bringing in fresh perspectives and driving home the point that this new medium of communication is one that answers most problems policy faces today in reaching out to all strata of society.”

Dr. Amir Ullah Khan
Deputy Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


  • “South Asian economies can benefit tremendously albeit in a different way from mobility. The use cases are not sexy but certainly very impactful. These are the very drivers of change and th ese need to be identified, recognized, promoted  and accelerated for mass good. The mBillionth awards is unique with just this mission bringing together people with a spectrum of experiences in both public and private life to broad base evaluation. Being part of the jury was both intense and a pleasure.”

Mr. Chirag Jain
Vice President, Carrier Relations (India), SMS GupShup


  • “Being a part of the mBillionth Awards jury was a learning andenriching experience. From witnessing applications that were innovations in their own right to those that impacted millions of people, actually “changing lives”, the experience told me that inspite of being part of a huge mobile-app churning organization, there is so much we have to learn still. My best wishes to all those who were nominated, and to those who could not make it. There is much innovation still to do; everyone will get their chance to make the cut!!”

Mr. Karan Gambhir
General Manager, One97 Communications Ltd.


  • “Getting insights to truly original mobile applications addressing a wide variety of localized needs of this region was an impressive start of the jury process. During the jury process, how collective decision making was made, blending different perspectives in an objective way was indeed praiseworthy. Overall a great experience!”

Manjula Dissanayake
VP – Global Operations| ZONE24X7


  • “There was a time when people used to look at other people using mobile phones, with envy. They used to feel sorry for themselves for not having a mobile phone. Time has changed. Mobile phones are now readily available. Nowadays, not having a mobile phone is surprising itself. Mobile phone is not limited to talking only. You can keep money in the bank, as well as purchase your favorite clothes using the mobile phone. To make life easier innovative ideas have been adopted. To appreciate these ideas by MBillionth Award is an incredible initiative !!!”

Mr. S M Ashraf Khan
CEO, Multimedia Content & Communications Ltd, Bangladesh


  • “The joy of creation is never deterred by the fear of destruction. I think the entrepreneurs and dreamers of mobile applications mimic this wisdom to the hilt. Despite all odds of the most complex ecosystem, they innovate and reach out to the masses. And I think it is because of a platform like Mbillionth, they get more encouragement and visibility. Those 2 days as a jury member were wonderful. Sitting amidst some of the best minds, I felt humbled by the kind of work that is going on to bridge the digital divide through technology. We faught, clawed and ripped each other apart in those debates to choose the best but it was all worth it because some day, these mobile applications will change the world. And I am honoured to be a part of this change. Sincere thanks to the Mbillionth organizing committee for putting together such a wonderful concept and sustain it over the years.

Mr. Rakesh Godhwani
Head , IIMB Alumni Association, Bangalore


  • “Once again its a great pleasure be a part of the jury panel of mBillionth Awards, since this is my second time in the panel. Innovations and innovators have to be encouraged, and this is one of the platform which can bring them to the core and encourage them to do more to change and shape the world to a new dimension. Mobility is one segment  which can reach fast to all segment of the pyramid. I hope its only through awards like this, individuals and companies can be honored and recognized.”

Mr. Sinnathamby Shanmugarajah
CTO, Microimage Mobile Media, Sri Lanka


  • “Its wonderful to be part of a jury process which help recognize best mobile application innovations. I was moved by some of the thinking which actually help real needed people on the ground.”

Mr. Sanjaya Karunasena
Chief Technology Officer, ICTA, Sri Lanka

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