Session 2.2

Chairperson: Rashmi Singh, Executive Director-National Mission for Empowerment of Women,Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India

Jury Expert & Moderator: Shalini Kala, Independent Consultant

Co-Chair & Jury Expert: Madhu Singh Sirohi, Country Head, Vodafone Foundation

Session Focus:

  • Share the best practices in terms of women and children can be empowered using mobile.
  • Understand some of the models being implemented using mobile phones for social and behavior change – information/knowledge dissemination, monitoring, support to front line workers, and interpersonal communication.


  • Chetna+, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India
  • Ashish Basu, Co-founder, Safetipin, India
  • Suman Majumder, General Manager-Business Development, Eyewatch, India
  • Sarla Meghnani, Sr. Business Analyst, MyNino, India
  • Mallesh .B, Director , Zero-Sum Wireless Solutions India Private Ltd., LunaCycle, India
  • Rakesh Jain, Director , Citizen Cop, India
  • Heenaben Dave, Senior Coordinator, SEWA & Director, Rudi Sandesha Vyavhar (RSV), India
  • John Paul, Founder & CEO, Plackal, LoveCycles Menstrual Calendar, India
  • Devang Nathwani, Founder & CEO, NKonnect Infoway, Panic Killer, India

Summit Bytes:

1. Chetna+, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India : In Assam, the maternal mortality rate (MMR) is 346/1,00,000 live births. The prime reason is lack of information awareness, education and timely access to services. This app came into existence to enhance outreach, awareness, information and education irrespective of literacy rate, socio-economic status and regional bias.
This app educates the pregnant women through a human body gesture based system. The women can share about problems in any body part through words and gestures and the system responds accordingly through gestures in the form of videos.
Through this system the women can login in to their accounts and send their queries to doctors. When they login the next time they get the answers to their questions.
This app has been installed in 4 primary health centers (PHCs)and targeted about 70 pregnant women from low socio-economic status and heath workers.
This app is flexible enough to incorporate tuberculosis, malaria etc.

2. Ashish Basu, Co-founder, Safetipin, India: It aims at making our communities and cities safer by providing safety related information collected by users and post it for the benefit of others. The app banks on engaging citizens and their contributions to make cities safer. The places visited by the users are assigned a score based on various parameters. The cities are then ranked on the basis of how safe they are in comparison to one another. The app is used for personal safety, community engagement and advocacy.
There are options to record hazards and harassment. The app also helps in finding the nearest police station, hospital, transport and shops. Addresses, directions and emergency numbers are available under the directory feature. The Track Me feature gives the option to be tracked by family or friends when the app is allowed to access location. In case of emergency, the app sends an SOS text message with location to the emergency contact list.
The unique features of this app are its quantification of safety audits, collection of night-time data and its emergency response system.

3. Suman Majumder, General Manager-Business Development, Eyewatch, India : It is a Personal Emergency Response System. In case of emergencies, it sends messages with location to a list of contacts which have been fed into it earlier. It immediately captures audio-visual information of the situation to share with the emergency contacts. It also sends SOS alerts even if the user is not connected to GPRS.
The app team has worked for Gurgaon Police and customized it as per the requirements. It sends information about location of the user (Latitude, Longitude, Street address etc). It does an audio recording before the alert was activated. It automatically captures video and photographs. There is periodic location tracking, after activating the alert.

4. Sarla Meghnani, Sr. Business Analyst, MyNino, India : With the increasing in crimes related to children, the parents are constantly worried about their children whenever they move out of home. As a medium to help parents, MyNino was developed which is a child tracking application. It has cross platform availability.
It has two versions, parent application and child application.
Parent application can receive call reports, SMS reports, GPS reports, Geo fencing reports, manage child report settings, get notifications and alerts as desired. It also has cussword management which allows adding cusswords for highlighting in SMSs. Parent can track upto 20 children through this app.
Through geo-fencing, the parents can set boundaries for their children. If the child crosses the boundary then they get notifications.
The application has to be physically installed on the child’s device. But, it appears in a disguised form to the child (like a photo gallery).

5. Mallesh .B, Director , Zero-Sum Wireless Solutions India Private Ltd., LunaCycle, India : Lunacycle ia a period management app for women. It records the period details in a hassle free way on the mobile. It’s a women’s health and fertility tracker application designed with simplicity. It will empower women to track their periods, calculate average lengths of its cycle, predicts next period, ovulation date, and control schedule by just entering the last period date.
Body condition is in a close relationship with feminine hormone balance,thus it shows the skin condition, effective diet period, beauty care and physical condition tips by referring to the past menstrual dates and cycle.
It also has provisions for weight/body fat percentage recording and basal body temperature (BBT) Recording.
It has a privacy lock system, an alert system for reminding when predicted next period or ovulation date is coming up.

6. Rakesh Jain, Director , Citizen Cop, India : It aids citizens before a danger knocks by capturing any incident and reporting it directly to the police control room without disclosing the identity of the citizen.
It has an easy method of capturing, recording and sending the details of the incidents. Thus, this app acts as a big source of real-time evidence. It assists the police in eliminating women crime and child trafficking.
It provides the facilities of geo-fencing and GPS location tracking.
It has a shake motion detector which gets activated in case of emergencies by just shaking the device. It then sends SMSs to 4 mobile numbers as per the preference set by the user and one to the Police control room.
It also aids in towed vehicle search, receiving live traffic updates, check authenticity of vehicle owner by simply entering vehicle number and receiving the entire details, etc.

7. Heenaben Dave, Senior Coordinator, SEWA & Director, Rudi Sandesha Vyavhar (RSV), India : RUDI Sandesha Vyavhar (RSV) is a unique mobile-based management solution for rural women entrepreneurs for the Rural Distribution Network of SEWA in Gujarat. It enables Rudibens i.e. the women working with RUDI which is an agricultural cooperative business to place orders real time, record sales, receive messages from the RUDI team, maintain daily sales reports, customer ledgers and financial updates.
It has automated the supply chain process, bringing in efficiencies for RUDI women to sell farm produce within their local communities, reduce travel time for these women by 90 per cent and generate more business opportunities. This has also led to an increase in employment, hassle free data entry process and reaching the targets on time by Rudibens.

8. John Paul, Founder & CEO, Plackal, LoveCycles Menstrual Calendar, India : It provides an easy and fun to use menstrual cycle calendar. It helps in recording and monitoring the menstrual cycle dates to increase accuracy of contraception and conception. The menstrual cycle calendar is available in intuitive color codes. It aids in automatic and accurate prediction of fertility. It has options to log love, weight and temperature, symptoms and moods.
It provides the provision for setting reminders about next cycle, safe phase, unsafe phase, and fertility phase.
It has features for automatic data backup in case of change of device. It also has an option of syncing with the partner.

9. Devang Nathwani, Founder & CEO, NKonnect Infoway, Panic Killer, India : This app triggers the alert system by pressing the volume key. Based on the contact list saved in the app, it sends SMSs to them along with the location details. Another message is also sent to all the contacts with details of call logs. It works even when a person is on call.
It provides an option of aborting an alert trigger in case a false alarm has been raised. There is an option for mock drill which is a step by step explanation of how to use Panic killer. Thus, it can be comfortably used in case of crisis.

Panel Recommendations:

    • The panel suggested the presenters to focus on the scalability aspect of the apps.
    • They also galvanized everyone to head towards better security of women and childrenl through technical innovations.
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