Session 3.2

Chairperson: Moe Chiba, Programme Specialist for Culture-UNESCO
Jury Expert & Moderator: Pranshu Singhal, Head, Sustainability, Nokia India Sales Private Limited, a subsidiary of Microsoft Mobile
Co-Chair & Jury Expert: Hempal Shrestha, Practitioner, ICT For Education and Social Development

Session Focus:

  • Focus on India’s oral society to have multi-lingual option of accessing and exercising their participation in accordance.
  • Globalization of the national treasure of culture, heritage and tourism
  • Role, impact and importance of content services in News & Journalism


  • Bandula Attanayake , Chief Editor, Android Athpotha, Sri Lanka
  • Ashish Chowdhary, Co-founder & Product Development Head, Shubh Vivaah, India
  • Sreekanth Sastry, Antarjaal Innovations Private Limited, Situational Gita, India
  • Arjun Jeger, Head of Marketing, Hiru News Mobile App, Lotus Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka

Summit Bytes:

1.Bandula Attanayake , Android Athpotha, Sri Lanka : Sri Lankans still find it difficult to use android phones thus, it becomes just a touch phone in their hands used for calling and messaging. So, the need to develop Android Athpotha was felt.
It is a simplified android manual to learn basics of an android operating system. It is only available in Sinhala language. The founders are soon going to launch this app in tamil language.
It starts with a little introduction about what android really is and then it guides through how to first power on the android device. It aids in learning the basic functions like configuring and using GPS, changing the internet settings, switching on a wireless hotspot, etc. It has descriptive content and suitable images which help in being familiar with the android device very quickly.

2. Ashish Chowdhary, Shubh Vivaah, India: This app was developed to save time, energy and money consumed in printing and distribution of wedding cards. This mobile app can send invitations to 1000s of guests in few seconds via emails and sms. It aids in reminding them about the events. Invitations and reminders can also be sent through automated voice calls. It also records the number of guests attending the event with arrival and departure details, thus accommodation arrangements can be done.
It gives the couple a unique website for sharing their stories, gallery for uploading photos and selecting a wedding theme.

3. Sreekanth Sastry, Antarjaal Innovations Private Limited, Situational Gita, India : Everybody looks for answers and the Gita is supposed to have them all. But the content is available in long verbose format which is not attractive to today’s generation. Thus, this app was developed which has proverbs from Gita available in English language. The proverbs and their interpretations can be applied to day to day situations of contemporary world.
This app helps in guiding the users in taking decisions related to different aspects of life through the interpretations of shlokas.
The App has 4 main categories i.e. work, relationships, growing old and soul and several sub-categories. For example, the sub-categories in work include ambition, boss, competence, decision, expectations and teams.

4. Arjun Jeger, Hiru News Mobile App, Lotus Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka: This is Sri Lanka’s first ever trilingual App that has been launched by Hiru News. It is available in English, Tamil and Sinhala language.

It gives details on any news which unfolds in any part of the world. It also sends breaking news on the devices through push notifications. The news can be shared by the users on facebook, twitter, linkedin, gmail and yahoo. The users can view audios, videos, photos and text news. The users can also customize the app as per their need like adjusting the font size,etc.
The app also allows the users to send text news, photos and short videos about any incident. The news is then verified by a different team and posted on website.

Panel Recommendations:

    • More apps must be developed for promoting culture and heritage across the world. Currently there is paucity of people engaged in this. More people must be encouraged and motivated for creative developments in this genre.
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