Session 2.3

Chairperson: Tarun Malik, Director & Head- Media Solutions Centre & Cloud Services, South West Asia- Samsung Electronics

Co-Chair: Prakash Sayini, General Manager, Developer Ecosystem & Innovations- Vodafone

Moderator:: Semi Simavi, CEO, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

Jury Expert: Hempal Shrestha, Practitioner, ICT for Education & Social Development

Session Focus:

  • Share best practices in using mobile for business, commerce & banking.
  • Use of mobile to enhance the productivity/reach & services of enterprises.
  • The importance of affordable, quality & accessible content and services for enhanced business process until the last mile putting the right kind of mobile infrastructure.
  • How can mobile devices strengthen banking & financial inclusion services?


  • Bandula Attanayake , Chief Editor, Android Athpotha, Sri Lanka
  • Ashish Chowdhary, Co-founder & Product Development Head, Shubh Vivaah, India
  • Sreekanth Sastry, Antarjaal Innovations Private Limited, Situational Gita, India
  • Arjun Jeger, Head of Marketing, Hiru News Mobile App, Lotus Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka

Summit Bytes:

Aditya , Zippr : Losing precious time over explaining vendor or friend one’s address has been a nightmare experienced by everyone. Zippr is the answer to avoid losing one’s precious time &energy again. Zippr is a central location management service that enables users to create and share short codes (Zipprs e.g. ABCD1234) with friends or vendors to avoid low value conversations around finding an address and enables services to reach a customer in a jiffy. Zippr is a digital wallet for all the locations, and once saved, one doesn’t need to enter or explain the address again. Zippr can be created and shared for free and can be updated once the user movers to new location. It is an ideal fit for the online & m-commerce era.

Deepanshu Manchanda, MobiKwik: Handling day-to-day transaction related services is a challenge for every smart phone user in this era fuelled by online transactions. MobiKwik is the one stop solution provider efficiently handling all transactions of a smart phone user. The MobiKwik application facilitates a mobile wallet service. The app can be used to pay for recurring recharges, Gas & electricity, bill payment transactions, purchases on e-commerce sites, cable & DTH operator. Payment can be done via credit cards, debit cards, net banking, cash pay and through a MobiKwik ewallet. The app also provides offers from various merchandise and provides telephonic and e-mail support for consumer payments. Within a span of one year, the app has gathered over 6 million users and acquired a volume of 2 lakh transactions per day.

Ahmad Islam Muqsit, Swosti : Access to funds, particularly for emergency cash requirement, is always a very important day-to-day aspect for people at bottom of pyramid. Sensing an opportunity from the same, Swosthi Limited has launched an automated, instant credit and savings management facility for the registered members of Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) in Bangladesh. The registered members can be provided with emergency loans up to a predefined and approved credit limit with simple repayment procedure. The system also provides instant transaction updates and auto-alerts to the members to ensure timely-repayment of the loan on a monthly basis. Better visibility and tracking based on past borrower records reduces the risks in cash management for the micro finance institution involved. The service can also be activated via SMS.

Rohit Srivastava, Tracklo: The delivery operator performs the last but very important role in the retail value chain business i.e. delivering what the customer wants in time. The efficiency of the delivery operator is crucial for an effective retail business where profit depends on speed of recycling cash. Tracklo ensures the same, a mobile based app tracking the efficiency & effectiveness of a delivery operator. The application would measure the delivery operator’s performance against his daily targets and the time required to complete the same. The application would also suggest locations of potential customers to the delivery operators ensuring a high productivity.

Panel Recommendations:

    • Financial services delivery to the Bottom of the Pyramid would be the biggest success story of mobile communication.
    • It would lead to an economic upheaval and the growth story of India would be inclusive of them.
    • Employees and employers can use m-commerce to improve the productivity of the company which directly translates into better business for consumers.
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