Session 3.4

Chairperson: Anand Subramanian, Director-Corporate Communications,

Jury Expert & Moderator: Prasanto Kumar Roy, Advisor & Eminent Journalist, CyberMedia

Session Focus:

  • Share the best practices in terms of how travel & tourism is reaching out through the digital content and medium.
  • Share the best practices in terms of how local travel & tourism are reaching out through the digital content and medium.
  • Globalization of the national treasure of culture, heritage and tourism.


  • Manish Rathi, CEO,
  • Nisanth Issac, LocoMapia, India
  • Saumya, Marketing & product strategy, PNR status app, India
  • Dr. Manosi Lahiri, MD & CEO, Travel Aid Plus, India
  • Eshan Perera, Business Consultant, App and Away, Sri lanka


Summit Bytes:

1. Manish Rathi, RailYatri is India’s leading travel community that taps in to the collective wisdom of over 12 million passengers who travel on Indian railways on a daily basis. is focused on simplifying train travel across India.The unique platform provides the most comprehensive information on train status, reservation status, amenities, food, time tables, platform information, speed, service disruption, cancellation notices, new train announcements, etc. to passengers via our apps, mobile web and SMS. Our users are middle class to upper middle class family heads who are on the move! This provides a unique marketing platform not only to provide information services, but also to add services like taxi booking, ordering food and hotel reservations. Features of RailYatri android app: PNR Status Live Departure and Arrival Speed Check RailWisdom Platform Locator GPS Train Locator Train Time Table Trains between Stations Live Train Status Search Alerts Trip focuses on predictive search and crowd generated information. The app’s primary focus is on providing real-time and accurate information to our users.

2. Nisanth Issac, LocoMapia: LocoMapia is a real-time location sharing app that updates the location of your friends to keep you better connected. While on the move, or when out for some fresh air, locate your friends who are nearest to you and get together for a cup of coffee or maybe the latest movie. Armed with features like notifying your friend of your location, you have the freedom to share your location with all your LocoMapia contacts or even go invisible so that you’re not tracked and need some private time off the map. A real-time location sharing app like LocoMapia comes in handy in various real life situations. Imagine you have a hangout planned and are waiting for your friends to turn up. There’s no need to call up everyone to know where they have reached, as long as they’re your LocoMapia contact and their location is shared with you

3. Saumya, PNR status app ixigo PNR status enables automated management of all train and flight trips along-with intelligent alerts and notifications for status changes. This first-of-its-kind intuitive application has been launched for Android smartphones and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. The app supports Indian Railway (IRCTC) trains and all ex-India flight PNRs and their statuses
The app automatically tracks PNR status, managing web check-in for flights,making call for confirmations and cancellations, finding about delays at airport and railway stations. With more than 1.5 lakhs daily domestic flight passengers and a whopping 20 million daily train commuters in India, the ixigo PNR app comes as a respite to millions of travellers grappling with multiple pain points like slow and frustrating tracking of PNR statuses, misplacement of PNR numbers.

4. Dr. Manosi Lahiri, Travel Aid Plus
Travel Aid Plus is a critical travel support app for travelers in India. Its a free mobile app that helps travelers to India find nearby hotels, hospitals, Police Stations, embassies, ATMs and transit points. It lists these places by distance from where you are and enables phoning directly from the app by choosing the CALL option. As the app works offline, this is useful even in areas where there is no Internet connection. But if the area has a well-connected 2G or 3G network, then you can select the MAP option and see the route to the place of your choice on Bing.
Information covers 125 cities at present Data is for hotels, hospitals, ATMs, embassies, police stations and transit points. The app first locates you when you open up the app. Once it does this it calculates the distance and you can make a phone call.

5. Eshan Perera,App and Away Sri Lankan airlines corporates mobile application and this is available in android apps store and apple apps store using this application Sri Lankan airlines passenger can Check-in for their journey and they can provide their feedback/check the flight status /flight schedule/register to our request flyer system etc. The app was developed for both IOS and Android. The app will help our passenger (75% passenger in the sub continents) to contact the airline easily and check-in to their flight without waiting in long quest in an airports and help them provide their frank idea through our feedback system so this will help the society by providing the services to their hand by saving their valuable time. There is no any special login detail required to use this application simply can download to the apple or android device after first registration this is so easy to use. The bad feedback will be alerted to duty manager.

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