mbillionth Award 2015

Project Title : Swosti LimitedSwosti1
Organisation : Swosti
Website: www.swosti.net
Country : Bangladesh
Contact person: Ahmad Islam Muqsit
Email: aimuqsit@yahoo.com
Download App: www.swosti.net/dl/swosti.apk

Swosti system aims at providing institutional support for the emergency cash needs of low and lower middle class people in the country. It is an automated, instant credit and savings management facility for the Members of Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) which utilizesmobile network to instantly update transaction records in Bangladesh.

It is an emergency credit facility for the registered members of MFIs using Mobile Network and or Mobile Banking Payment Platform to facilitate withdrawal or deposit of loan at any time, from anywhere in the country. The system also provides auto-alert to the members to ensure timely-repayment of loan on a monthly basis. The app can be downloaded by registered users on their android based mobile handsets with proper internet connection.

Project Title : MobiKwik Consumer Wallet MobiKwikMobikwik-Wallet
Organisation : MobiKwik
Country : INDIA
Website: www.mobikwik.com
Contact person: DeepanshuManchanda
Email : deepanshu@mobikwik.com

Considering the fast paced life that people are leading MobiKwik has come up with mobile wallet service. It is said to be India’s fastest growing mobile wallet with more than 5 Million users in India. One can use the facility to easily and quickly pay for their recurring recharge, bill payment transactions and buy products on popular eCommerce Websites and Mobile Apps.

The payment can be done via credit cards, debit cards, net banking, cash pay and through a mobikwik e- wallet. The app also provides offers from various merchants and telephonic and e-mail support for consumer payments. It also provides 1-click checkout payment solutions to eCommerce merchants. Users can enjoy MobiKwik Wallet services on MobiKwik.com and on Android, Windows, iOS and BB operating systems. The app has been installed on 1,000,000-5,000,000 devices and has been rated as 4.4 by users. It is free to download for all.

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