Finalists 2013 : m-Business & Commerce/Banking

1126_DelightCircleProject Title : DelightCircle
Organisation : Pipal Tech Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
Country : INDIA
Website :

DelightCircle application enables in-store marketing by letting retailers/brands create a set of featured products and incentives for the consumer to scan the barcode/QR code of the products. In addition the retailer and brands can create a set of incentives for driving desired consumer behavior.

With the help of this application, SMEs have been enabled to target the relevant customers thereby increasing the footfall into their store and increase revenues with the same or lower marketing resources. There are 30 million of Small & medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in india who spend Rs. 900 crores annually for local marketing via pamphlets, billboards and newspapers.There is no way for them to track who is looking at these and walking into their store and what is the return on investment (RoI) on their marketing spend. DelightCircle addresses this problem using the mobile platform. On one side, it provides SmEs with a cloud-based platform to expose their offers and new arrivals to shoppers based on their location and demography. On the other side, it provides a way for shoppers to engage with local retailers for offers, mobile coupons, loyalty program, directions and reviews across smartphones, feature phones and mobile web.

kotakProject Title : Kotak Stock Trader
Organisation : Kotak Securities Limited
Country : INDIA
Website :

Kotak Stock trader provides access to capital markets through our mobile platform which enables people to trade in NSE and BSE using the mobile application. it creates an application which enables people to trade through their mobile phones. to download mobile Stock trader on mobile phone: SMS MSt to 5676788. on sending the SmS, the user will receive a SmS with the link to download on the phone. the user can also download the application directly by visiting using their mobile browser. Alternatively, they can also download the application from various app stores like, Google Play (Android market), Getjar, Vodafone App store, BlackBerry App World.

The aim of this application is to enable people to access markets with real time prices using their mobile phones while on the go. in the realm of financial inclusion, the investment banker’s clients are smaller and less known. therefore, the ability to underwrite and ensure the sustainability of capital-raising efforts become critical,both for investors and clients. Kotak Stock trader is going to cover all mobile platforms present in the market Deliverables to create an application which enables people to access live prices through their mobile phones.

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