Finalists 2013 : m-Environment

noahProject Title : Project Noah
Organisation : Networked Organisms
Country : USA
Website :

Users can snap and share photos of the wildlife they encounter. When they need help with species identification, the community offers their suggestions. Secondly, users can participate in missions to help collect important environmental data for scientists.The user can access a location based field guide to view and learn about all the wildlife that has been documented nearby. This feature translates to a unique app experience wherever you launch the app. Project Noah’s goal is to boost environmental interest and overall knowledge.

The Project Noah application modes: Sharing observations (Spottings): Users can quickly snap a photo of a plant or animal and add some notes about what they have seen. If they don’t know the species, they can request help from the community. When the photo is submitted, it collects the notes along with the location associated with the submitted photos. Location Based Field Guide: Based on the user’s current location, it will show all the wildlife (and associated notes) that has been observed by our community nearby. In this fashion, the user can learn about the nature nearby. This is mobile learning as the experience will change depending on where you are and where you decided to launch the app.

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