Finalists 2013 : m-Governance

Country : INDIA

MPCB MOBILE VOICE CAMPAIGN : Netcore, in association with mPCB (maharashtra Pollution Control Board) has done 3 major Voice Based Campaigns in the last year on World Environment Day, Diwali & Holi. the Government Department used Voice Based activity. Earlier, the Government used traditional media like Radio, Print, television and SmS to propagate these campaigns; which did less in garnering attention from the people. The campaign encouraged people to go green, cut lesser trees, avoid using polluting crackers during Diwali and thereby containing Sound & Air Pollution and to play a waterless Holi (2013) as the state of maharashtra is going through one of the worst droughts.

These messages were received by the general public as an incoming call on their mobile phones. The response to these campaigns was tremendous with Diwali 2012 being considered as one of the quietest one; also, the campaign results of Holi 2013 showed decreased usage of water consumption, lesser axing of trees, and increased use of eco-friendly colours. Objectives: • to spread awareness about the Environmental causes across the state of maharashtra. • to cover all the occasions where environmental issues can be addressed to people at one go. (e.g. Stopping wastage of water during Holi – Due to the serious drought situation in some of the regions of maharashtra state)

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1120_mGovernance-in-MaharashtraProject Title
Country : INDIA

MGOVERNANCE IN MAHARASHTRA : SMS gateway based reporting by public health services has acilitated the reporting at Public Health Centre level and Public Health Department in maharashtra to provide support in critical areas. In case of water supply by tankers, before implementation of SMS service to citizens, contractors used to divert the water meant for the villages to commercial purposes and citizens were deprived of needed supply of water. Since SMS is sent every time tanker was sent to any village to 50 prominent villagers, it has become very difficult to divert The water tanker anywhere else. Similarly in the case of Food and Civil supplies, villages get advance notice about the supply of food grains meant for Fair Price Shops.

There is no need of high end gadgets for this solution. maharashtra, government also developed web based self-seeding application. As part of m-Governance, Government of maharashtra developed various apps based on the tablets like: 1.Enrolment Centre Survey App 2.UiD connect App for door to door seeding of UiD with various department databases 3.QR code based self-data entry of enrollment data like demographic details which will reduce the time taken for completing the enrolment. In this web based application in combination of simple smart phone app, resident can just enter data and either take print out of the QR code or just scan and store the QR code in mobile.

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