Finalists 2013 : m-Entertainment

Country : INDIA

Bringing multiple races, anguages and cultures together through music, with the help of mobile and internet, Wild Blossoms shows the strength of internet and mobile power to interact with members from all parts of the world and work on dedicated projects to achieve their goals. Wild Blossoms sing and publish quality songs written specifically for them by song writers and composers from over 10 countries.

The essence of Wild Blossoms is to show that like minded individuals can write, compose, sing, produce and publish radio worthy songs in all genres just as they have with relative strangers. Since all the members are located at different parts of the world, the only want to communicate between the team members are through mobile or internet. they use different internet and mobile facilities like ‘Dropbox’ for file sharing, ‘WhatsApp’ for discussing plans, ‘Skype’ services to practice and conferencing, and many more. None of the members of the team have ever met each other in person but connects with each other online to work as a team from their respective countries. Wild Blossoms is proof that if you have dreams and aspirations anything is possible with the help of the modern day technology.

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2Project Title : PALM READER
Country : INDIA

This Application is blend of technology and ancient patterns as a result it offers Palm Reading patterns based on the lines, finger types, palm length and others. It has also incorporated check palm feature which helps users to check what exactly a line tells about them. Palm reading helps in interpreting the nature of the person based on the length of the palm and fingers, the hand types, thumbs, marks on the fingers, the lines, the fingernails, the mounts and timing in the palm. It is very simple to use and very easily a person get a prediction. Palm reader is designed to give you instant access to the ancient art of palmistry.

Application shall be tested on lumia Phone. The steps are: 1. Open Windows marketplace on device 2.Tap on the search button in the footer 3. Store Search screen will be shown 4.Type in Palm Reader 5.Tap on the right arrow or go button at the bottom right 6.Tap on the free version or the first option to be shown by mango technologies 8. Tap on the install button at the bottom 9.Tap on the allow button for access location 10. Application will be installed on the device

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