Finalists 2013 : m-Culture & Heritage

1Project Title
Country : INDIA
Website :

The Vastu Compass application is based on Vastu Shastra which is an ancient indian Vedic Building Science that lays down guidelines on the construction, layout and interior design of buildings so that they are in harmony with the natural environment. Vastu app with ancient Vastu concepts helps users improve their home, workplace and way of living or working with peace. to check Vastu of their entire home add the items from list to center layout representing their home. Adjust the height and width as per layout and finally set the direction using manual compass.

Application shall be tested on lumia Phone. The steps are: 1. Open Windows marketplace on device 2. Tap on the search button in the footer 3. Store Search screen will be shown 4. Type in Vastu Compass 5. Tap on the right arrow or go button at the bottom right 6. Tap on the free version or the first option to be shown by mango technologies 8. Tap on the install button at the bottom 9. Tap on the allow button for access location 10. Application will be installed on the device

2Project Title
Organisation : NICHE TECH
Country : INDIA
Website :

This project helps to make the Gujarat content available to worldwide Gujarati. This is bunch of apps like Gujarati Shayri, Gujarati Editor, Gujarati Jokes, Gujarati Suvakya and more. Gujarati Shayri is a fun application for Gujarati language lovers. It has full packed Gujarati proverbs, Gujarati Sayings and Shayaris for all age groups.

This concept promotes the Gujarati language and retains the legacy. This is done by providing the reading and entertaining content in the Gujarati language. There is also editing tool to write in Gujarati using same English keyboard. Gujarati Editor is a helpful tool to write in Gujarati and update your status, prepare notes in Gujarati. The good thing is it uses your English keyboard and automatically converts your English to Gujarati. The App fonts are not supported in Sony Xperia and micromax Canvas Series device.
This is among few apps that have Gujarati content in Gujarati alphabets, Gujarati fonts, so it reaches from oldest to the youngest Gujarati consumer. Google Ads is the revenue model for this project.

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