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Original title: Vtax
Producer: FOCUSONE Nepal Pvt. Ltd
Media Format: Mobile/IVR
Country: Nepal

VTax means Vehicle Tax in Nepal. It is an SMS-based service that provides information to vehicle owners about their due tax and the date by which they should pay their vehicle taxes.
Developed by FOCUSONE Nepal Pvt. Ltd, this application using the Java platform and runs under open source Apache Tomcat servlet container. It receives the VTAX SMS sent by mobile subscribers, extracts the vehicle number and triggers the Vehicle Registration System (VRS) to retrieve the tax information of the vehicle queried about in the SMS. The retrieved information is then relayed to the SMS sender.To access this information, people can text their vehicle number to the designated SMS short code (4321)and,in response, receive their vehicle tax information: Last paid date, paid amount and due amount, if any. 
The SMS has to be sent in the format ‘VTAX [vehicle number]’, for example — VTAX ba37pa399. The service is available to mobile subscribers of Nepal Telecom, Ncell and UTL.Whereas Government- to-Public information services have been implemented in many countries the world over, in Nepal VTAX is one of its own kind.There are 14,00,000 registered vehicle owners in Nepal. In the first year, the VTAX service catered to 6,00,000 such owners, spread in 3 districts. Once the transport department extended its computerised system to four more districts, VTAX services also expanded. Currently, it benefits 9,00,000 vehicle owners. By the end of July 2012, all 14 lakh vehicle owners are expected to get connected.
In Nepal, where the current mobile penetration is 52% and Government-to-people information or service is very slow and manual, VTAX has to go a long way ahead to make people more aware and reach out to all.

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