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Original title: txtWeb
Producer: txtWeb, Intuit
Media Format: Text, Web, Mobile, SMS, API
language: English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi, Oriya and Bengali
Country: India


While information on the internet is available to smartphone users, there are millions of subscribers who use basic phones and so cannot access worldwide web. txtWeb, an SMS-based browser platform, addresses precisely this need: it allows ALL mobile phone users to access information on the internet via SMS.
‘txtWeb’ is a global platform where anyone with any mobile phone can create, discover and consume Internet and txtWeb-only content and services just by texting keywords to one national number, 92433 42000 for India and 898-932 for the US. The facility is charged at normal SMS rates. ere are no special charges. ere is no need to pay for data plans or GPRS.
These applications are created by an open community of publishers, developers and businesses and can include Wikipedia content, local market prices, government programs and financial literacy tips. Since txtWeb leverages messaging technology, it works on all phone types.
Since no downloading is involved, every phone in India can get txtWeb-enabled out of the box and anyone can use txtWeb without paying any premium charges. Businessmen can use ready made templates on to quickly make their services available to any smartphone user in urban India or even a simple feature phone user in rural India.
This platform was made open to the public in November 2010. In just over a year, it has amassed a user base of over 2 million and receives over 3 million requests for service each day, with more than 3,000 monthly active txtWeb Apps. In addition, txtWeb’s online community comprises more than 10,000 developers, publishers, businesses, NGOs and contributors. In four countries (India, US, UK and Canada), txtWeb already has the ability to render content in 15 Indian languages and several major languages of the world.
Although ‘txtWeb’ benefits millions of Internet-dark Indians, the big challenge is for developers to build novel application that enables information to reach every mobile user. Content is yet another big challenge for txtWeb.


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