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Tata DOCOMO Tutor On Mobile


Original title: Tata DOCOMO Tutor On Mobile
Producer: Tata Teleservices Ltd.
Media Format: Voice; IVR; WAP; Video;Podcast; SMS
language: Hindi, English, Tamil, etc.
Country: India


Tutor on Mobile (TOM) is a knowledge marketplace for TataDOCOMO customers and allows subscribers to access almost any type of knowledge, using the medium of choice, across IVR, IVVR, SMS, Web or WAP.
The service aims at letting knowledge-seekers to decide the way they want to consume,through Live One-to-Many conferences, Live One-to-One interactions, Videos, Podcasts,SMS alerts and WAP based textual content. TOM is unique in that the knowledge which exists with end-users is harnessed and made available to others end-users in a sustainable manner, on any handset.
The most prolific users of the service are in the age bracket 15-24 years. Some of the most popular aspects in the service have been career counselling, entry job-related advice,AIEEE/IIT and Vedic Maths videos. Parents of young school-going children have also been on expert conference calls to avail advice. TOM has been designed as a modern knowledge marketplace to bridge the striking gap between the immense knowledge potential and the lack of knowledge resources in a country as big and diverse as India.
With more than 2,00,000 users Tutor On Mobile has its eyes on a new scale of service,by creating a sustainable and relevant mechanism through which everyone can get access to knowledge to make a difference. Tata DOCOMO is also committed to keep enhancing the level of knowledge available and simplifying the modes of access.India has over 900 million mobile subscribers, and a majority of them reside in nonurban towns, where 11% people live below the poverty line. To meet everyone’s expectation will be a major challenge for TOM in the days to come.
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