Category: m-Governance


Original title: SMS campaign enabled by Election Watch Software (EWS)
Producer: Association for Democratic Reforms
Media Format: Mobile/IVR
language: Hindi, English
Country: India


This is an application that provides useful information to the 700 million voters of India whenever there is an election, whether for Parliament or for the State Assembly elections. Developed by the ‘Association for Democratic Reforms’ (ADR), ‘EWS’ is utilized by voters through SMS and Web interfaces. EWS helps voters make an informed choice when they go out to vote. Via SMS it is available to anyone who can send and receive SMS.
To get information about candidates in a constituency, a voter only needs to send an SMS with a message i.e; Myneta to 56070. In response, the server sends them information about candidates in that constituency in the form of one or more SMS messages. Any device that can access internet – a PC, Smart Phone and tablet—can access more detailed information about candidates through the website
‘EWS’ allows information on candidates and leaders and hence spreads voter awareness about their local, contesting candidate. Voters can see unbiased facts about candidates from their own sworn affidavits filed with the Election Commission of India.As the mobile phone has deep penetration in the country, the service is easily accessible to a huge number of voters..
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