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Original title: RockeTalk
Producer: RockeTalk India Pvt. Ltd.
Country: India
Media Format: Voice, Video, Multimedia on Mobile
language: English


RockeTalk was founded with a vision of enabling mobile phone users to more easily express themselves and communicate with their friends, family and new acquaintances as well as capture, share and discover content posted by others. Using social media platforms and mobile phone client applications, RockeTalk makes communication between individuals and groups easy and rich, facilitating a new form of self-expression that informs, entertains and connects people through the media they create.
RockeTalk allows users to send free voice, video and photo messages to each other. It breaks the language barrier by providing audio messages, and so is accepted across the world. Users can also create their own communities or can join communities to discuss the topic of their choice.
With 15 million registered users and 1.5 billion page views per month, RockeTalk is equally famous amongst all types of users, be it a college going person or a businessman. Moreover, RockeTalk has helped sound- and sight-impaired children make friends by dispatching video messages in sign language.
However, mobile social networking in India is growing rapidly. To ride on this mobile wave, RockeTalk has a big challenge ahead. It has to go through the same growth process, including pains, of any social network, mobile or otherwise. Also, most mobile brands recognize Twitter and FB as default apps/widgets and install them as a pre-loaded piece. Only time will tell if RockeTalk can continue to win the mobile race.


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