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Prognosis : Your Diagnosis


Original title: Prognosis : Your Diagnosis
Producer: Medical Joyworks
Country: Sri Lanka
Media Format: Android, iOS, App
language: English


Prognosis is a medical edutainment application. Its use makes learning medical-related topics, ordering tests or figuring out treatments a lot of fun. This interactive application contains over 60 cases, each representing a common clinical scenario. One learns the scenario by playing a game. In each game, doctors are initially shown the ‘history’ and the results of ‘tests’ by virtually examining a patient. The doctor has to figure out, from a list, which tests to perform on the patient and which treatments to apply. The
game then ‘judges’ the doctor’s performance and lets him know how well he did, what went wrong or right. The entire narrative is based on cartoons and animations.
Today, there are more than half a million users of Prognosis.It has a widespread support base in Sri Lanka, where leading doctors in their field create and contribute content to the application on a weekly basis –on average, 1-2 cases per week. Prognosis has also been recommended as a learning aid by 6 medical colleges (universities) in the USA and 5 more in Europe and Australia.
Through this application, doctors also contribute to a backup ‘pool’ of cases, which can be released as and when necessary. The information is therefore incremental.


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