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PowerCuts in India


Original title: PowerCuts in India
Producer: Individual
Media Format: Web/Mobile
language: English, Hindi
Country: India

‘’ is a crowd-sourcing based service that aggregates ground-up information on electricity supply and usage situation. It spreads knowledge about what the government is actually doing, the latest happenings in the energy sector, makes tax payers aware and also identifies citizens’ problem. The idea is easily replicable to other citizen media initiatives. The service is available through Voice (phone call), SMS, Internet, Mobile Apps.
The focus of the project is around good and easy user experience combined with various mediums of reporting, all of which have lower barrier to entry and are inclusive in nature. Project experience shows it can be easily executed and replicated. The primary target of the project is Rural India, followed by Urban/Semi-Urban spaces. primarily aggregates information on the website. Using Ushahidi API, it disseminates information on mobile phones. Usually, journalists don’t cover electricity related issues from remote areas. This project connects with journalists on a regular basis to inform them on potential stories.


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