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Original title: PlanHound
Producer: Cheeni Labs Pvt Ltd
Media Format: Mobile; Android; SMS
language: English
Country: India


Planhound is a mobile application on the android platform. It scans the various usage plans telecommunication companies offer for its user, and suggest the comparatively best one the customer can take. In order to serve millions of customers, phone operators have introduced many plans and top-ups. These plans are complex and quite impossible to analyze manually.Armed with your usage information, the Planhound application measures the call, SMS, data and roaming usage as well before it suggests the appropriate plan.
This application specifically serves all mobile users with internet connection. The service is available through the site ‘’ or the mobile application PlanHound.Brough this application, mobile users discover packs relevant to them and so save money. The Planhound application also keeps mobile users well-informed, by constantly updating their databases and improvising on usability for accurate results. The application automatically calculates the number of calls made, or whether the call was local or STD, in-network or out-network,landline or mobile. It is thus an approximate billing utility. In addition Planhound’s manufacturer, Cheeni Labs Pvt Ltd, is looking forward to expand the mobile application to connect with SMS gateway and so avoid internet dependency.
Expansion apart, Cheeni Labs Pvt Ltd wants to take this application wider, make it more user-friendly for rural areas. For most of India lives in villages.


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