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P-HMMS Project


Original title: The P-HMMS Project – The Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS Health Monitorin
Producer: IL&FS Education and Technology Services Ltd
Country: India
Media Format: Mobile App
language: Primarily English Language is used for the project – However the application
and module supports 12


P-HMMS (Health Management and Monitoring system) is a mobile application that can be loaded on a low-cost mobile phone. This application provides featured services. With it, you can enroll new ante-natal mothers, remind people their HIV test or their monthly ART visit is due, send alerts to women approaching delivery and ascertain that safe delivery kits are available. You can also send alerts that children need testing. In these ways, P-HMMS enables extremely good health service delivery.
There is more. The application has the ability to record the details of each call – and SMS – based interaction with HIV+ mothers. The solution also has a web-interface that can be accessed from any internet- connected PC and enables management and monitoring of health services provided on the field. It generates all reports required, activity reports as well, to monitor the work of the outreach workers (ORWs).
Since the system is largely manual at the field level, ORWs usually find it very difficult to maintain proper records because they have to keep using paper forms. Tracking and monitoring HIV+ mothers, to provide ART or other treatment on time, also becomes difficult. This is the situation where P-HMMS emerges as a great problem-solver. ORWs are provided with a mobile phone installed with P-HMMS software: now, they can map and record HIV+ve mothers and note adherence to recommended medical protocols, such as their visit details for various tests and their outcomes.
HIV/AIDS, being a global threat, requires a very unique approach in prevention, unlike most other diseases, due to the social stigma attached to the disease. ICT intervention in managing operations, monitoring, evaluation and data capture for the PPTCT program significantly adds value to the outlined delivery and objectives as defined by various stakeholders such as NACO, GFATM and the Ministry of Health & Family welfare, Government of India in eradicating the spread of the virus within the community. In tracking HIV+ pregnant women, the P-HMMS mobile application is the first of its kind in the world.


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