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Mobango, a subsidiary of Mauj Mobile, is one of the world’s largest independent mobile applications stores with over 1.5 million applications, games and user generated content. Spread across 50 categories, its apps, games and themes are a major reason for customers to visit Mobango. There are over 100,000 applications on Mobango, which serves all phones across all major platforms such as Android, Symbian, Java, Blackberry and iOS.
Mobango also serves other people’s content, made available for end users. It hosts wallpapers(600,000),videos(100,000), ringtones (100,000) and many more. These are all available for free downloads and a majority of this content is uploaded by end-users. Mobango supports over 2,000 devices and uses highly distributed and load-balanced set-up open source applications. Customers from approximately 150 countries use this application on a daily basis.
With already over 3 million registered online members, Mobango is also increasing its capability to enhance the search and discovery experience of apps and games for users through social integration with facebook. Mobango is a 100% subsidiary of people Infocom. Mobango’s revenue model is primarily around the global mobile marketing and helping developers monetize their applications in the most effective manner, where its revenue model of pay per download implies that developers only pay for performance on actual download of the applications, not on the basis of clicks, which is the current business model of advertisement networks. Developers are required to make the application free to the end user for download. Developers then make their revenues either through advertisement within the applications on a tryand- buy basis, where the customer pays for the option to download a fuller version of the
app on paying a small fee.
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