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Mapmy India Aura


Original title: Mapmy India Aura
Producer: MapmyIndia
Media Format: App; Voice; 3D; Gps
language: English
Country: India


MapmyIndia Aura is a first-of-its-kind full feature navigation application, providing turn by turn voice guidance and a panoramic 3D maps and landscapes as you drive. The application neatly integrates seamless location-based social networking and chat, complementing its ability to get users the best direction.
There is novelty in this app, for one cannot say such apps are around. It is the first application to support 3D navigation. Now improvised from its previous version, it has options such as pinch-to- zoom and 3D graphical representation from all angles. Aura let users search their house addresses in 36 cities, over 6.3 million places of interest organized by category, street-level maps for 4,000 cities and the route to any of the 5,76,000 towns and villages of India, via 1.79 million km of highway and road network. This application also allows users to know where their friends are and what they are doing, via its community feature. Users can also share their location, send a quick message or exchange photos.
The application also has a signposts feature, upcoming area information displayed on the top of the screen, so keeping users reassured and informed at all times. The Live Traffic information across Delhi and Mumbai allows user to choose the fastest route, based on current traffic.
THis application is very easy to use and with actions like dragging the map with the finger and tapping the square in the centre, one can access the active menu, where one can choose between options like drive there, walk there, share location and so on. Aura uses new cutting-edge technology and unmatched map coverage in India to make mobile navigation convenient. The application has many unique factors such as professional guidance, map coverage, easy installation, making calls to access to map coverage of 6.03 millions (Point of Interest) with unique applications. It can be used on Android, Symbian and iPhone platforms.
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