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Original title: M-God
Producer: Bombil Media
Media Format: Mobile, Android, Blackberry
language: English
Country: India


Bombil Media helps you customize and create your own mobile application in 10 minutes flat with a platform called M-God. Many have already used it to customize mobile applications on their smartphones. M-God has made it easy for the end-user to create a mobile application according to her requirement. For, a mobile application usually takes 6- 12 months of effort to develop.M-God was created keeping in mind sales force automation (SSA). For example, if a company installs this application in the smartphones of all their sales executives, the latter can place orders with their back office in real time.
M-God can be used in simple SSA form in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, FMCG and manufacturing for real-time news reporting, survey, inventory check, order punching for distributors as well as expense management.
M-God is available on Android phones, BlackBerry and other smartphones. This application also helps promoters of companies to monitor their employees.
M-God is specifically developed to target small enterprises who cannot afford costly enterprise applications.
With 650 users across 3 enterprises in the pilot project, Bombil Media is looking forward to launch this platform across the globe. Reducing the time-span for development and maintaining an affordable cost to develop and implement the application is not an easy task: at Bombil Media, we consider it a positive challenge.


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