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Jharkhand Mobile News


Original title: Jharkhand Mobile News
Producer: Gram Vaani Community Media
Media Format: Mobile/IVR
language: Hindi
Country: India


Developed by Graam Vaani, Jharkhand Mobile News is a voice-based local information platform, enabling citizens and government bodies to engage in dialogue. It incorporates crowd-sourced data to offer further, quantitative insights.
It is a platform where people can call into a toll-free number and listen to audio snippets left by other people, including dedicated community representatives or announcements from development institutions. They can even leave their own feedback or stories on various issues being discussed in the forums. Being voice-based, the platform has seen participation from illiterate people, remote rural communities, immigrants,
and women and children. This also helps to improve the engagement between different stakeholders to bring accountability and transparency in local governance.
The IVR interface for Jharkhand Mobile News can be accessed at 08800097458. People place a missed call to the number and the system calls them back and provides Login/password to access the admin interface of the IVR upon request.
This IVR interface also enables the creation of documentary evidence to push systemic changes and act as a pressure vehicle to enforce accountability of authorities on their responsiveness. As a result, grievance redressal rates have increased manifold.
Even though Jharkhand Mobile News has been a very successful IVR platform in the state, there is a bigger challenge ahead for Gram Vaani: to develop low cost access mechanisms accessible to even poorly literate people, who are often excluded from the benefits of ICT initiatives.

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