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Integrated MFI-LifeLine Mobile Platform


Original title: Integrated MFI-LifeLine Mobile Platform
Producer: ZMQ Development
Country: India
Media Format: Mobile App; MFI App
language: English, Hindi


Universal Mobile MFI Channel is a platform that connects micro-finance institutions (MFIs)and their loan officers to those who have taken a loan, largely women beneficiaries, at BoP through mobile phones. This product can be installed from an MFI’s administrative system with the help of an active user. The present set of application supports BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless)- based application for CDMA platform. Java and Android Platformbased applications are still under development.
Universal Mobile MFI provides women with two kind of connected services. Firstly, financial services that provide information related to their account, loans, payments, due instalment, balance, or receipts. Secondly, it provides non-financial services, also known as lifeline services: customized needs of women related to health, livelihood opportunities, education, even disaster preparedness.
Via our Healthcare Services, women can subscribe to Pre-natal Care System for pregnancy information (weekly basis), child immunization, post-natal care of mother and child, family planning, advice on communicable diseases (HIV, TB, Malaria, Cholera) and hygiene.
In Livelihood Services, women are trained about new skills in entrepreneurship development and get specific, customized information on products for which a loan is being utilized such as poultry, farming, a shop set up for different needs and others. Also, women are informed on disaster-preparedness based on region- specific needs.
Moreover, MFI is also integrating a Women’s Edutainment Channel and m-Business Channel as Rural Marketing and Distribution of MFI an achievement is creating a life-line mobile channel: for the first time ever, here is a service devoted to the needs of organized human networks, especially women. Its methodology is highly impactful, because of embedded technology in organized human networks. Till date 50,000 women have been connected through MFI, with equal impact.


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