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Explore Dhaka


Original title: Explore Dhaka
Producer: 3rd Eye Lab
Media Format: Android; iOS; GPS; 3G
language: English
Country: Bangladesh


Explore Dhaka is an application for both android and iPhone in Dhaka city. It is developed on Java as its core language. Several categories and sub-categories exist in the application to make a search in order to find out required places or utilities. Through this application, users can locate their position and search for nearby utilities such as a hospital, a hotel, a shopping mall and many more. Users can also check for events nearest around them. In addition, this application locates the exact position of oneself from their 3G mobile phone using the GPS system.
Users can also rate a business, so that others can know about the relevance and quality of the utilities or places. Another option is to upload images related to any specific business or utilities. Explore Dhaka is the first-ever location-based application, developed on android and iPhone platform, manufactured by 3rd Eye Lab for Dhaka city. It helps those who travel and want to explore new spaces and places in the city.
Though Explore Dhaka is free to use and all users can just download the application into their android or iphone, the traveller from abroad benefits the most. Hence travellers are the target users of this application.
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