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Electronic Muster and Measurement System


Original title: Electronic Muster and Measurement System
Producer: Electronic Muster and Measurement System
Media Format: Web; Mobile; MIS; GPS
language: English , Telugu
Country: India


The Electronic Muster & Measurement System (eMMS) is a technology solution to achieve complete transparency in MGNREGS. It allows one to obtain LIVE data from the worksite to the website on a day-to-day basis. The mobile technology is customised and deployed for MGNREGS field functionaries through different mobile applications such as e-Muster, e-Measurement, e-muster verification and e-check measurement.
Like many other preceding welfare schemes implemented in a similar scale at the grassroots level, MGNREGS was marred with corruption, misappropriation, leakages of funds and benefits not reaching the target group. Moreover, there was a felt need to adopt a better monitoring system and so ensure effective programme implementation covering more than 10 million wage-seekers spread across 61,000 villages in Andhra Pradesh.
It was important to get accurate and effective decision-making and its management.It was in this context, an innovative solution was sought to get real-time data right from the village for effective monitoring and to arrest corruption in musters and measurements. eMMS was introduced as a solution. It has huge potential in serving these needs and has to be further integrated into mobile usage.
Brough eMMS, complete transparency is ensured by capturing the details of wage seekers that have reported for work, right to the level of Name and Job Card ID. e details are populated in real time in the web reports, which are available for public access. Similarly, GPS coordinates and photographs of all works carried out under MGNREGS are captured and made available. e applications are menu-driven, with rich graphic user interface provided in local
The eMMS data is available in the public domain through its website. The number of wage seekers working in any village on a day can be further accessed by just sending a simple SMS request to the number 8008220000 in the specified format.
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