Dhaka iAtm Explorer


Original title Dhaka iAtm Explorer
Producer:The Databiz Software Ltd
Media Format:SMS; ATM
Country: Bangladesh


iATM Explorer is an elegant application developed by Databiz Software Ltd of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It enables a user to find an ATM of any bank in the city. This application comprises important, basic features: how to find the nearest Bank/Branch, locating an ATM via a convenient, categorized search and the route to desired location. By writing the location name in the location search box, a user can view all the bank and ATM locations in that area.

It is also a banking/financial point information application, provided free of cost, and can be used by any community. Since no other such application exists, this could give a competitive edge to Dhaka iAtm Explorer. This application is commonly used by busy executives working in financial institutions.
iAtm Explorer has had a huge social impact in Dhaka, because it saves the cost of unnecessary travel as well as the cost of gathering information on Bank/Booths from callcentres. Although iphone users are very few in Bangladesh, Dhaka iAtm Explorer must struggle hard to promote this application in the long run.

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