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Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture (Special Mention)


Original title: Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture for rural poor using mobile
Producer: Socienty for Elimination of Rural Poverty
Country: India
Media Format: Mobile; Nokia
language: Telugu


The Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture (CMSA) mobile application is a one-stop reference point for all farmers of India. This mobile application enables the user to capture the attendance of the farmers at
a meeting, the image of the group and the image of the land where the meeting was conducted, including MoM (Minutes of meeting).
It also allows the user to capture the data of farmers experimenting with the 7-tier cropping model, and also to track the income generated from each crop as well as consolidated expenses incurred. In addition, the mobile application captures the data of the products available and the income generated from them. It has an input data sheet which explains the expenditure incurred and the gross, net incomes from a special crop. This application also helps in capturing the image of each compost pit and enters the number of fillings of the pit farmerwise, information regarding facilities provided to poorest of the poor households. In short, CMSA is virtually identical to that of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Integrated Nutrient Management (INM). It addresses the need for dissemination of information about NPM
methods to farmers.
CMSA has been developed on ASP (Application Service Provider) model with minimum risks to the customer. The entire mobile application has been developed on Nokia x2 mobile and web interface developed by using MySQL 5.1 on .Net Framework version 2.0.
Eventually, CMSA helps to increase productivity with no expenditure on pesticides and fertilizers. This project benefits 1 million farmers in using traditional methods of farming.


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