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Coke Studio – Mobile Melodies


Original title: Coke Studio – Mobile
Producer: TELiBrahma
Country: India
Media Format: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, App, Internet
language: English


Coke Studio aims to bring various Indian cultures and folk music on one stage by offering a whole new music experience to viewers. Via the Coke Studio application, users can download music files, videos and wallpapers of their favourite Coke Studio performance by turning on WiFi and Bluetooth. The mobile application also helps users browse through the content catalogue and download content of their choice. It gives consumers an opportunity to opt out of the solution by either turning off Bluetooth or rejecting the message once.
Since Coca Cola has a strong retail presence in India through its partner locations, there is a huge potential to connect with consumers most receptive to the kind of music Coke Studio produces. 70+ percent of mobile phone users love to have music with them; Coke Studio therefore sees clear fitment between audience and the target locations. As a result, the response to the Coke Studio application has been phenomenal. Over 10 million downloads were achieved in just 2 months.
Although India is the world’s faster growing mobile market, the GPRS usage is not very high and consumers do not like to pay for content. Keeping this in mind, channels through which consumers could easily download mobile content at zero cost had to be identified. For mass media reach, Coke Studio has to allow consumers to select and download content of their choice by optimising the experience for each of the mobile device players.


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