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Clinic on the Go (Special Mention)


Original title: Clinic on the Go
Producer: Idae brahma Consulting Pvt.Ltd
Country: India
Media Format: Mobile, MIS
language: English


Idea Brahma Consulting has produced the world class clinic management system as ‘Vbond Vita’ for doctors and clinics on tablets, smart phones and web. With Vita, doctors can “Carry their Clinic” anytime, anywhere to manage patients, electronic medical record, e-prescription, referrals, appointments, Lab Management among others. Vbond Vita has comprehensive features to manage customer relationships for hospitals, diagnostic centers and health and wellness center. The solution is based on zero IT Capital infrastructure and compliments maintenance and Value Added Services for patients to improve loyalty and stickiness to the system.
Most importantly, ‘Vbond Vita’ is built on Idea Brahma’s some of the patent technologies. The Vbond Vita Clinic management system offers doctors an easy to use dashboard that is both simple and access friendly. It serves as the main portal to access various features.
Any doctor can view his or her appointments for the day, check for any new updates on drugs etc, set their practice’s operating hours as well as recharge their credits. In developing Countries like India, where there are many unorganized clinics, poly clinics and small hospitals, Vbond Vita can become stress reliever for medical practitioners.


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