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BridgeIt India


Original title: BridgeIt India
Producer: EZ Vidya Pvt. Ltd. (with Pearson Foundation & NOKIA)
Media Format: Video; TV; Nokia; SMS;Email
language:Video; TV; Nokia; SMS;Email
Country: India


BridgeIT, also known as Vignana Varadhi, is an education-based initiative of EZ Vidya Pvt.Ltd. It uses the standard mobile phone to improve the quality of teaching. The project is a partnership
between Indian schools, NOKIA, The Pearson Foundation, and EZ Vidya.
Under this project, teachers receive a TV-out cable and C7 mobile phone pre-loaded with NOKIA Education Delivery (NED), a digital publishing platform to transmit audio-visuals to remote schools over 3G network. The teacher uses NED and the TV-out cable to display content in class.
The mobile-based education programme uses videos and audios for teaching practices.Thus it makes the teaching session interactive and easy to understand. The impact of the project is twofold: firstly, attendance of students is up; secondly, student engagement in the classroom is also improved. A database-driven remote helpdesk (phone, email, and SMS) has been set up by EZVidya and also manages the web server infrastructure.The project uses technology like low-end mobile phone capable of running Java and at least 1Gb of memory, cloud hosted server; Apache/Tomcat on Ubuntu Linux + Open Source NED server software.
To initiate this service, user can send an e-mail to or SMS +91 8754467398 with the mobile phone number and a request to receive client. EZVidya will send a text message with a link to download client (JAR file) and server credentials for your phone- the software will self-install.
In the first year, it reached approximately 4,560 students across 34 schools and with 60 teachers. In the second year, the initiative covered 104 schools and 193 teachers, reaching almost 15,000 kids. The best part is that the application is available in three languages: English,Telugu and Tamil.
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