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WordsVidya by


Original title: WordsVidya by
Media Format: Mobile; WAP
language: English
Country: India


WordsVidya is an initiative of Mobividya that aims to improve the English language knowledge of Gujarati students by providing English learning applications with pure Gujarati meaning.
The application has 4 modules: Wordsbook; Two-way search; Fungames; and, Activation. The Wordsbook smartly divides words into 55 sections containing 4,500+ words. Each word section contains its own unique search, keeps track of the number of times each word has been read, bookmarks the words of your choice. Each word has a detailed description – phonetic pronunciation, Gujarati meaning and English meaning and usages. The database of the system is divided in two-way search —dictionary in Gujarati to English and English to Gujarati—making it easy to search and add words. The application works offline as well online. For offline, coupons are available in the market; users can buy and use these coupons for a limited time-period. Online activation process works through debit or credit card. However, experience so far shows users prefer to use offline activation process more than online activation process.
The application specifically targets students between age group of 16 and 25 who want to improve their English in Gujarati and English coaching institutions.
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