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Original title: UrjaMitra
Producer: Kanpur Electricity Supply Corporation
Media Format: IVR; SMS; Web
language: English, Hindi
Country: India


UrjaMitra, launched by Kanpur Electricity Supply Corporation (KESCo), is the first initiative of its kind in India in the power sector based on IVR or interactive voice response. This mobile-based initiative provides free information about power-restoring, cuts, breakdown and shutdown to consumers on their landline or mobile phones.
The service is an effort to disburse free information about power breakdowns. Using IVR and SMS- based technology, the service tells you about the reason behind the electricity interruption and creates mutual trust between local- administration and users. UrjaMitra sends information in English and Hindi.
UrjaMitra is based on LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP). The service also gives information about the probable time of restoration of electricity. KESCO sends SMS in English and makes call to customers in Hindi. Customers who have not registered their mobile phones can receive real time 24×7 information through the website, clicking on icon “live information of supply interruption”. So far, around 10,000 customers have visited the link, and over 1,20,000 hits have been registered on website.
“KESCo’s UrjaMitra is serving around 700 bulk consumers and 4,35,000 other consumers of domestic, commercial and power categories. The application not only allows us to keep consumers updated but also keeps officials on their toes to rectify the faults faster. The service is totally free for customers.
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