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Route finder- Get directions on mobile


Original title: Route finder- Get directions on mobile
Producer: Tata Teleservices Limited
Media Format:SMS; GSM; GPS
language: English
Country: India


Router Finder, a B2C (Business-to-Consumer) service is a SMS platform launched by Tata Teleservices that delivers direction/route on non-GPS handset. The service includes route delivery on GPS-agnostic handsets by identifying the customer’s location without an input from customer. It, instead, fetches the customer’s source location through location platform.
The service is integrated with a Device Service Manager that delivers information on the basis of the customer’s handset capability. Another feature is customer route delivery on map, through which customers will get charged only on receiving successful directions.
To avail this service, users just need to send an SMS and obtain textual map-based directions to the destination. Under Auto location detection, the user needs to enter source location for which the directions are sought. Presently, the service is available in metro cities and class A & B cities. The service is quite useful for users who do payment collectionand women who do not need to ask directions from strangers. However, the service is available only at Tata DOCOMO network & TATA DOCOMO GSM SIM.
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