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Phone Warrior


Original title: Phone Warrior
Producer: Visinor Technologies
Media Format: SMS; Mobile; Android; Blackberry; Nokia;
language: English
Country: India


‘Phone Warrior – A Community to Fight Mobile Spam’ is an initiative of Visoner Technologies. It prevents all spam SMS and calls through the power of communities. Phone Warrior is a utility application that takes strategic advantage of crowd-sourcing principles and machine learning and distributes problem-solving and involves a network of people. With Phone Warrior, users can collaborate and submit mobile spam data to the community. The service uses the power of recent breakthroughs in cloud computing to process this massive
amount of data.
Phone Warrior is available for a range of phones, including Android, Nokia and BlackBerry mobiles through various app stores. Whenever a user marks a sender or caller as spam, it is recorded in the spammer directory. The application understands the preferences of users and combines it with the spam definition, updated daily from the directory. Thus, it helps Phone Warrior to create a smart spam filter for blocking unwanted communication right on users’ handsets.After installing the application,users will be notified whether they are receiving calls from the spam offender.Users will also receive a daily update on SMS spam definitions.Over 6,000 mobile subscribers in India have subscribed for the application.So far, the application has blocked 50,000 spam SMS and 10,000 calls.
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