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Mobile Radio


Original title:Mobile Radio
Producer: Spice Digital Limited
Media Format: Mobile; Voice; IVRS
language: Hindi, English, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Bhojpuri Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, Kannada, Marathi Gujarati, Tamil & Telugu
Country: India


Mobile Radio, an entertainment-based initiative of Spice Digital Limited, allows citizens to access music anywhere, anytime. And in their regional languages. The service is accessible in 17 different languages and has a vast library of 250,000 songs, available in 23 different languages. Besides listening to full length songs, the user is given an easy navigation tool to skip a song, move to the next or previous songs on the
press of pre-defined keys.
The service also has a big social connect to it through options such as song dedication, updating songs on the facebook wall, creation of personalized playlist of one’s favorite music collection and sharing playlists with friends.Each user is given a unique and easy to remember playlist ID for sharing with all. If the user likes the service, they can gift the service among their friends.User can search songs using actor/movie name and the closest match. The searched song can further be dedicated or added to playlist over an SMS itself. Intelligent play of songs is built into the system. It allows customization of the listening interests of the user and plays the songs based on what he would like to hear—all this without any input from the user.
The service works on the logic of IVRS based calls. The application and the content reside on the server and the same is accessed via voice calls handled on the service. The service is economically priced and is available on a monthly pricing model with inbuilt free minutes.
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