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Impulse Case Info Centre


Original title:Impulse Case Info Centre
Producer: Impulse NGO Network
Media Format: Windows; MS word; Mobile
language: English
Country: India


Impulse Case Info Centre is an effort of the Impulse NGO Network to fight against human-trafficking issues. This Microsoft Wordbased programme has ready formats, so that the information is easy to insert. It provides accurate and updated information for all the stakeholders involved in combating human trafficking.
The Case Manager of this centre keeps the records of all the information available in documentation templates, creating a case file for a specific case. Immediate action is taken per case requirement. Impulse’s Case Manager is responsible for collecting all the available information concerning the cases in all the Northeastern states, or rescue at the destination. Thus, it creates an information hub for all stakeholders fighting against human trafficking. All the available information is collected about the victim’s personal information and background, details of abduction or circumstances surrounding a child’s disappearance, contact details of all organizations and individuals involved in the case (police, state partners, family, and rescue location), and all the correspondences between all the stakeholders relating to the specific case is recorded. Moreover, the centre also keeps records of rescued victims, rehabilitations and reintegration information of the survivors for the next 2 years, which decreases the chances of re-trafficking.
Once the information is collected systematically, it is easy to analyze how the trafficking is conducted in the region. This makes the prevention work more accurate because the recruitment places and ways are known. Impulse .Case Info is now trying to move to mobile to leverage their database and stop trafficking.
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