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Dynamic Intelligent Blood Donor Network


Original title: Dynamic Intelligent Blood Donor Network
Producer: Indian Society for Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology
Media Format:SMS; Mobile
language: English
Country: India


Dynamic Intelligent Blood Donor Network is an initiative of the Indian Society for Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology with a vision to provide safe blood to patients. The service helps blood banks in handling medico-social problems through low-cost but hi-tech ICT applications and tools.
Through this service, blood banks are linked to central database of blood donors. The database is updated through mobile phone using SMS technology to update web-enabled database. The aim of this service is to help needy patients, who are looking for blood donors by providing them required blood group as quickly as possible.
This low-cost system is based on the mechanism of receiving and sending bulk SMS. The system is designed on the basis of: matching and screening of donors, match blood groups and donors with permanent disqualification criteria are completely eliminated.
The Blood Donor Network automatically processes and takes necessary actions on requests received by SMS. Once a donation event is recorded, the same donor will be contacted after 4 months. Users can register themselves by sending SMS as AROGYA BLDDNR, while blood bank can register by sending SMS as BLDBNK. Presently, more than 1,500 donors and 25 blood banks in Pune and 250 blood banks in Maharashtra have been registered.
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