ORGANIZATION : Banyan Sustainable Waste Management Pvt Ltd
LANGUAGE : English

Empowering waste collectors via efficient waste management

Starting April, 2014, Banyan has developed two Android apps – Sales Lead Manager and Waste Collection Manager – that help its sales team establish and nurture a robust network of kabariwalas (urban waste collectors) from whom the company collects plastic waste and e-waste to convert into plastic pellets that it sells to various manufacturers.

The Sales Lead Manager (SLM) Android app allows a sales executive to map out the exact location of a kabariwala, and via ongoing interactions, collect pertinent data on the type of waste collected, their quantities and frequency of supply, whether the kabariwala goes door-to-door, or has a network of rag pickers, his current earning potential, etc. Banyan then analyzes the data to determine which kabariwala it can do business with, estimates what his true earning potential is, and begin engaging the selected kabariwalas to form a network of suppliers.

Once the relationship has been established, the team uses the Waste Collection Manager (WCM) Android app to find a kabariwala, schedule pickups, determine optimal truck routing, negotiate pricing, etc.
The company has a factory which converts the collected waste into plastic pellets that are then sold to more than 25 manufacturers who make chairs, electrical meter boxes, mats, crates, fan components, etc. These manufacturers were earlier at the mercy of traders or were sourcing from multiple suppliers who could not guarantee the quality and volumes desired. Now they get a steady supply of high quality granules at fair market rates that are Rs 2-3 lower than the rate charged by a trader.

Today, Banyan actively procures supplies from over 100 kabariwalas out of over 1000 in its network in the Greater Hyderabad metro. On average, a kabariwala in Banyan’s network makes Rs. 1 more per kilo sold to Banyan, and supplies 10% more material than before.

ORGANIZATION : bKash Limited
COUNTRY : Bangladesh
LANGUAGE : Bengali

Enabling greater financial inclusion in Bangladesh using mobile phones

bKash is a Mobile Financial Service (MFS) which seeks to empower the people of Bangladesh, especially low income sections and those living in remote rural areas, with access to a broad range of financial services. bKash is a money management tool which enables an adult to transact money nationwide, instantly and easily using a mobile phone.
bKash Limited is a subsidiary of BRAC Bank and started as a joint venture between BRAC Bank Limited, Bangladesh and Money in Motion LLC, USA in July, 2011. Now, International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are equity investors of the company.

Less than 16% of Bangladeshis are connected to the formal banking system whereas over 70% have mobile phones. bKash leverages this for greater financial inclusion.

In line with the MFS guidelines of the central bank of Bangladesh, bKash provides safe, convenient and easy ways of making financial transactions. Through partnerships with all major mobile operators of Bangladesh, bKash’s technology allows 96% of the country’s mobile users to access its service through very basic handsets.

A bKash Wallet is a customer’s financial account which can be used for various purposes such as sending or receiving money, topping up mobile balance, making payments for shopping, and also for earning interest on savings. Opening a bKash Wallet is very simple and free of cost. Any individual along with a mobile phone, 2 copies of passport size photographs and a valid photo ID (National ID/Passport/Driving License) can go to a nearby bKash agent and open a wallet.

Already the second largest MFS in the world (in terms of wallet numbers) bKash’s customer base has rapidly grown to more than 10 million in the last four years. bKash is now the fastest growing MFS in the world and breaking new ground every day.

ORGANIZATION : Unlockar Lock Screen Application
LANGUAGE : English & Hindi

Smart lock screen provides platform for entertainment and advertising

Launched in November, 2013, Unlockar has conceptualized and pioneered a mobile app that delivers exciting user preferred content through an intelligent lock screen on user’s android smart phones while brands find a targeted and willing audience for their advertising needs. In the process of interacting with the preferred content, the user gets rewarded with real-world freebies.

Unlockar’s on-boarding process is very simple as it allows users to use the app even without sign-up.
Unlockar is providing an entertaining and advertising platform wherein need for social-local updates of its users and advertising needs of brands gets satisfied. As users want to read/know more about happenings in their interest areas, Unlockar has divided its content offerings into different channels which can be subscribed by users free of cost based on their interest and preferences.

Unlockar rewards users. With its rewarding mechanism tagged to the mobile lock screen, Unlockar allows its users to earn talk time, free data or discount on movie tickets, pay utility bills, do online shopping, etc. The rewarding system of Unlockar is similar to the loyalty point redemption mechanism of credit card companies wherein all the parties gain out of each transaction.

Unlockar also has a feature that allows users to share content with their near and dear ones. Unlockar is envisaged as a lock screen replacement of content and messaging applications/websites.

Unlockar is gamifying the whole lock screen and redemption features of its application by introducing Lock Screen Quizzes, Games, Puzzles and its successfully running Auction Module for reward point redemptions.
It has a daily retention rate of 29% with 99% of users subscribing to the Ads channel. It has 100,000 plus application users with 17.2% Daily Active User Percentage (Google Play Store data). Its Google Play Store Rating is 4.1. So far the App has served over 10 million lock screen views.

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